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Real Estate Agent Licensing Exam Practice Tests Coupon
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[70% Off] Real Estate Agent Licensing Exam Practice Tests Course Coupon

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Pass the test on your first try by taking as many practice exams as you can handle - Over 300+ questions

3.0 hr
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This course includes 300+ practice exam questions including real estate specific math. All questions have solution explanations so that you understand each and every concept.

If you want to become a real estate agent you must pass the Real Estate Agent Licensing Exam. This course focuses on teaching you to master the most common questions you will see in the Real Estate Agent Licensing Exam. Some courses overload you with common knowledge that you will never see in the exam which is a waste of time. In this course, you will reinforce the most important topics, terms, and definitions you need to know to pass on your first try.

What should be your #1 goal when taking the Real Estate Agent Licensing Exam?


This course is composed of simulated practice exams and key test questions that will appear in one form or another in your test. The Real Estate Agent Licensing Exam is a National test composed of 100 test questions.

This course includes over 300+ question and:

- 2 practice tests containing 100 questions and include the explanation and/or the math calculation for each one.

- 1 sample test that contains 65 questions that have a high concentration of math content within those questions.

- 1 practice test that contains 50 questions that have a high concentration of math content within those questions.

THIS COURSE DOES NOT INCLUDE STATE SPECIFIC QUESTIONS. Each state has state-specific test questions in addition to the national test questions which is about 20-30% of the exam.

This course will teach you through simulated practice test questions to:

- Quickly determine question types and how to answer them

- See and know the answer instead of guessing your way through the test

- Practice hundreds of test questions on your smart phone or computer

- Understand important real estate definitions in order to understand test questions better

- Improve your math skills when taking mortgage and real estate questions that require math calculations

- Answer questions quickly and accurately

- Understand key laws that are important when testing

This course is a comprehensive set of simulated test questions that will help you to identify and answer questions correctly the day of the exam. Your ability to consistently answer test questions correctly will determine your final test score.

Some questions will intentionally repeat in different exams as they are questions you need to know since they will appear on the actual exam. By repeating them, it will reinforce your comprehension on the subject.

Your instructor

Joe Correa took and successfully passed the Real Estate Agent Licensing Exam on his 1st try and is a successful real estate agent and mortgage loan originator and owner of Finibi Mortgage, a Mortgage Brokerage Business based out of Orlando, Florida. Joe was a college math professor for years before entering the real estate and mortgage market and was always solicited by his students because of his ability to make difficult concepts easier to understand.

Good luck in your test and practice, practice, practice if you want to be successful on test day!

A course diploma will be available to you when all sections have been completed at 100% which you can save or print to show employers. For instructions on downloading your course diploma you can go to:

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