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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 - Hands-on Training Part II Coupon
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[25% Off] Microsoft Windows Server 2016 - Hands-on Training Part II Course Coupon

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Learn advance administration skills for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 with hands-on learning

6.0 hr
15$ 19.99$
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Please do not enroll in this course until you have completed the first section on building your virtual lab environment. If you cannot create a virtual install of Server 2016, using a Hypervisor, you will not be able to partake in the lab exercise.

This course picks up where Windows Server 2016 -  Hands-on Training Part I left off. In part I of the course we looked at the basics of installation and configuration of a Windows Server 2016 domain. Part II of the course covers advanced network administration of additional roles and services.

  • Certificate Services

  • RDS

  • Hyper-V

  • PowerShell

  • .....and others!

About this course: 

This is Part II of a comprehensive two part series for learning Server 2016.  

Do you want to learn to configure specific roles and services in Windows Server 2016?   

Do you prefer learning using hands-on as opposed to just a lecture and quiz?

If you have answered YES to above questions, then you are at the right place.   

This course teaches you the advance skills for Installing and Configuring Microsoft Windows Server 2016.   

This course provides a solid hands-on experience for learning Windows  Server 2016 and is designed for those needing to be able to  demonstrate basic day-to-day administration and configuration skills  required for Windows Server 2016 administration.   

This course provides you more hands-on learning on how to install,  maintain and configure the advance roles and features of Windows Server 2016.  Course is structured  using short tutorial videos and hands-on labs. Students watch a short  video tutorial, review the hands-on lab and then complete the lab.   

Students who take and complete this two part series will be able to install  and configure Windows Server 2016 with Active Directory, DNS, DHCP,  FSRM, and other roles commonly found in a Windows Server 2016 domain.     

The course uses the same three virtual machines built in Part I. In Part II you move on to more advanced configuration and administration of the  Windows Server 2016 domain create in Part I.

Why I should take this course?   

  • A solid hands-on training course with lab practice   

  • Complete guide for how to install, configure and maintain Microsoft Windows Server 2016  

  • Course helps to prepare for your Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Certification Exam 70-740   

  • You will learn to install of Windows Server 2016 Desktop Edition, Windows Server 2016 Core, Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 Professional  or better   

  • You will also learn Windows Server 2016 Networking,  creating domain environment and installing and configuring different  server roles   

  • 30-day satisfaction guaranteed   

This is the course that could change your life.     

Obtaining the Microsoft Server 2016 Certification (Exam 70-740) can  help you to enhance your career opportunities and also helps to boost  your income. Microsoft Server 2016 Certification is a highly-sought  certification. Many positions either prefer or require Microsoft Server  2016 Certification. You can also see now a day many companies are asking  for Microsoft Server 2016 Certification in their Job descriptions.   

An investment in your career is an investment in yourself.  Don’t  procrastinate. There is no time like the present to take charge of your  career. Take your career to the next level by studying for and passing  the Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Certification 70-740 exam!   

You have a 30 day money back guarantee…!!!   

And remember that once you purchase the course you will have lifetime  access to the course and you have a 30 days’ money back guarantee if  you do not like the course because of any reason. So what are you  thinking go ahead and click on “Enroll Now” button.   

See you in  the course…!!!   

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