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Hackers vs. Websites: Motivations, Weaknesses & Techniques Coupon
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[76% Off] Hackers vs. Websites: Motivations, Weaknesses & Techniques Course Coupon

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Reasons behind website Attacks, Techniques used to hack websites

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  1. What motivates attackers to target websites?

  2. Financial gain is one of the reasons which motivates hackers to target websites. Comment.

  3. Is it correct that hackers hack websites to misuse website data?

  4. What is meant by ransomware?

  5. Do you agree with the statement that hackers may launch website attack due to personal revenge, Fun or Recognition?

  6. Hacking is a skill and it requires practice. Comment.

  7. What is meant by cyber espionage?

  8. Hacker can be hired to disrupt a competitor’s business. Comment.

  9. What is the meaning of Hacktivism?

  10. What are the goals and targets of hacktivists?

  11. What weaknesses in the website are commonly exploited by the hackers?

  12. Why even small websites get hacked?

  13. What are some common methods which are used by hackers to hack websites?

  14. What is meant by Brute Force Attacks? Give an example.

  15. What is meant by Supply Chain Attacks?

  16. What is meant by SQL Injection?

  17. How hackers inject malware on websites?

  18. Once injected, malware can perform various actions depending on the hacker’s goals. Comment.

  19. Whether spam is a direct method to hack a website?

  20. Whether Spam emails or messages are harmless?

  21. What is the difference between DoS and DDoS attacks?

  22. What is the primary goal of DoS and DDoS attacks?

  23. What is the cost of DDoS attack for the victim?

  24. What is meant by E-Skimming?

  25. Who is the target of E-Skimming?

  26. E-Skimming attacks often go unnotice for extended periods. Why?

  27. What is meant by MITM attack?

  28. What is meant by social engineering attack?

  29. What are some common forms of social engineering attacks?

  30. What is meant by phishing emails or messages?

  31. What is meant by Baiting?

  32. What is the main aim of hackers in offering attractive free things on social platforms?

  33. What is meant by Pretexting?

  34. What is meant by Quid Pro Quo?

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