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Investigating Fake Remote Job Listings & Check Fraud Coupon
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[100% Off] Investigating Fake Remote Job Listings & Check Fraud Free Course Coupon

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Cybercrime Investigations 101: Anatomy of Fake Employment Listings

3.0 hr
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In this course, we will be discussing the nature of fake job listings fraud targeting remote workers, which utilizes fake job posts, and fake check scams, designed to victimize prospecting job candidates. In this particular fraud, malicious actors are using e-commerce websites which have been set up to create the false appearance of a legitimate business seeking to hire employees. Also, the fraud incorporates a popular check bouncing scam to then defraud their victims by asking that candidates deposit a fake check into their bank account, and then withdraw a portion of the deposit which candidates are then instructed to send back to the employer.

Here students will learn how to counter Cybercrime by conducting reconnaissance on the attackers, which will familiarize students with certain tools and scripts designed for Geo-locating and GPS tracking, and social engineering techniques that are designed to gather further intelligence on our subject. Additionally, students will learn about the banking system, fake invoicing, social media, and the intelligence cycle that is used to analyze and corroborate information and data. The course will also teach students about User-Agent spoofing, ISP IP address locating, financial services and the banking system as such pertains to fake check scams, and the how attackers target their victims.

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