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The Ultimate Guide to ICT Skills Coupon
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[88% Off] The Ultimate Guide to ICT Skills Course Coupon

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How to improve ICT Skills and Computer Security & Privacy

1.5 hr
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  1. What is the meaning of ICT?

  2. What are the different components of ICT?

  3. What is the meaning of ICT devices? Give some examples.

  4. Write a few lines of ICT uses in different sectors.

  5. How an ICT device like smartphone is useful in our daily life?

  6. What is the meaning of Software?

  7. What is meant by ICT skills?

  8. Why are ICT skills important?

  9. Which are five basic ICT skills all employees should have?

  10. How to improve ICT skills?

  11. Why it is essential to keep computers secure and our data safe?

  12. How our personal information can be lost or leaked?

  13. What are the various threats to Computer?

  14. What is the difference between physical theft and identity theft?

  15. What is meant by Software piracy?

  16. What is the meaning of Virus?

  17. What is meant by worms?

  18. Write a few lines on Trojan Horse.

  19. What do you know about Online Predators?

  20. Give names of common types of internet scams.

  21. What steps can be taken to protect our data from theft and viruses?

  22. How to create strong and smart password?

  23. How can we come to know that a particular site is secure or not?

  24. What is meant by encryption of data?

  25. What happens when we press the power button on the CPU?

  26. What do you mean by BIOS?

  27. What basic functions are performed when a computer starts?

  28. What do you mean by Login and Logout?

  29. What is the proper procedure to shut down a computer?

  30. What is the meaning of Keyboard? What is the main purpose of keyboard?

  31. What are Function Keys?

  32. What is Control Key?

  33. What is the function performed by Enter Key?

  34. Name a few punctuation keys on the keyboard.

  35. What do you know about Navigation Keys?

  36. What are various Command Keys? What function is performed by Command Keys?

  37. What is the role of Windows Key on the Keyboard?

  38. What do you mean by mouse in case of ICT?

  39. Write a few lines on the following:

(i) Roll Over or Hover

(ii) Point and Click

(iii) Drag and Drop

(iv) Double-Click

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