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Introduction To The Magnetism Coupon
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[25% Off] Introduction To The Magnetism Course Coupon

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Reach a deep understanding of Magnetic Field

3.5 hr
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How many misconceptions did you have or maybe still have about magnetism? Probably, you at least once in your life thought that only magnets can have magnetic fields. What’s worse, you might even misunderstand the way magnetism works in real life. Even if you didn’t face such issues, your curious mind wondered why magnets act the way they do. It’s time to put the end point to all those misconceptions and questions by letting you possess relevant and scientific data about magnetism with the help of this course.

Throughout this course, you will need to deal mainly with general information which works in every case. For example, using Biot-Savart Law, you can find Magnetic Field created by any current of any shape. Of course there are other formulas for general cases, about which you will learn in this course.

Obviously, if we use general and universal laws, their formulas will get complicated and require a high level of mathematics skills such as calculus, vectors and some algebra. We included the topic of vector multiplication, to help you understand the formulas better.

In addition, one of the advantages of our course, compared to other ones, is that we kept the information as precise and comprehensive as possible, as well as understandable and accessible in the hope that you can obtain difficult knowledge in an easy way.

Another thing we did to make sure you understand these topics is additional video sessions, where we showed you how to use the knowledge you learnt. We have such videos for topics of Biot-Savart Law and Lorentz Force. In these videos we show you specific example(s) where these laws or formulas can be applied. These lessons have to some extend hard math, but it will help you master the topic, so that you can use these in every case on your own (very useful for those who want to prepare for olympiads, even for International olympiads)

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