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How to organize Research idea for Paper/Dissertation Coupon
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[100% Off] How to organize Research idea for Paper/Dissertation Free Course Coupon

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Research Gaps and Idea's

1.5 hr
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The course consist of 5 modules.

  • Module-1 will cover the purpose of this course and identification of purpose of your research.

  • Module-2 will focus on key components of research gap identification including gap identification from research paper, exploring the research interests of scientific community and evaluating review paper for identification of potential research ideas.

  • Module-3 will focus on how to authenticate novelty of your research idea by conducting comprehensive literature search. Importantly, this section will refer some important tools like Harzing Publish and Perish software, which make literature review easy

  • Module-4 will shed some light about how to synthesize literature review. It cover key components of systematic literature reviews including development of qualitative and quantitative research questions using SPIDER and PICO frameworks.

  • Module-5 will cover the structure of paper including abstract, introduction, literature review, research design, results and discussion. This is core part of this course, which contain practical resource like literature review sheet, introduction template and literature review grid.

    In each module, there'll be a set of video lectures, and additional resources to help you make sure you have mastered the material. When you complete the course, you'll have all the essential knowledge of the scientific communities on how to build your own manuscript and dissertation based on finalized research idea. Welcome again to this course. Learning how to correctly identify research idea for manuscript or dissertation in the academic world is a major skill which must be mastered. We hope that this course will provide you with thoughtful advices.

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