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Gospel of Mark: Experience God's Life Changing Word Today! Coupon
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[80% Off] Gospel of Mark: Experience God's Life Changing Word Today! Course Coupon

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Bible Study of the Gospel of Mark and the 16 Lessons You Can Apply For A Personal Life Transformation.

2.0 hr
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Recent Review from a previous course:

"I enjoyed this concise course on the Second Book of Timothy. The instructor does an excellent job of choosing what lessons to discuss and on making the lessons apply to your life." - Bob Klug

"I have heard our instructor before and he is excellent." - Florence Taber-Brown


Said to be the first of the written Gospels; this 16 Chapter book pens a compelling pacy account of the actions, sayings and experiences of our Lord. The use of words like "Immediately" and the use of Prophet Isaiah's word in the beginning of the book gives it a unique feature.

We are told by Bible scholars that the book was a dictate of the account of Peter who left all to follow Jesus for 36 months. He was said to pass these insightful Spirit filled words to his spiritual Son - John Mark. As an unmentioned authored he gives a small thumb print when he alluded to the boy that fled naked.

All in all this results in a life transforming portion of Scripture that I hope you find deserving to be studied just as I discovered. The lessons are to be applied to our everyday existence if we are to access the power locked up in these words.


This book illustrates profound truths about:

  • Urgency of Jesus

  • Old covenant implications on the New Covenant

  • The Believers Power

  • Discipleship

  • Prayer nuggets

  • Leadership

  • Sacrifice

  • Transformation

  • Enrichment


I sincerely hope that just as Jesus lived with the apostles and transformed them into formidable proponents of the word; we in our generation will release all aspects of our lives to the Holy Spirit. I pray that the word from these teaching will compel you to desire to be more like Jesus!


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