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History of Scientific Development in Islamic Golden Age Coupon
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[100% Off] History of Scientific Development in Islamic Golden Age Free Course Coupon

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History of Scientific Development in Islamic Golden Age 800 to 1400 AD Development in Mathematics, Astronomy Physics etc

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This course is entirely on History of Islamic Golden Age and Scientific Developments, that took place in the Islamic Golden Age, from 800 AD to 1400 AD and how Muslims helped in making the world the better place through science and technology.

What you should expect from the course:

  1. What is House of Wisdom (Bayt Al Hikmah) in Islamic Golden Age?

  2. Learn about Abbasid Caliphate Ma'mun.

  3. What were his ideas about Science and Technology in Islamic Golden Age?

  4. How Al Ma'mun managed to gather the scholars from all over the world in Islamic Golden Age?

  5. What was given to a scholar for translating a book into Arabic in Islamic Golden Age?

  6. What is a role of scholarship in a life of a pious Muslim?

  7. Did Prophet Muhammad encouraged the path of Knowledge?

  8. Why Muslim Scientist were so determined about the learning Science in Islamic Golden Age?

  9. How learning knowledge, relates to the closeness to Allah?

  10. Who was Muhammad Ibn e Mosa Al Khwarzami?

  11. Al-jabr means “completion”What was de facto system?

  12. What was Indian System and how was it corrected by Muhammad Ibn e Mosa Al Khwarzami?

  13. What is “The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing”?

  14. What Al Jabr Means?

  15. Who was Omer Khayyam?

  16. How the method of solving cubic equation was developed in Islamic Golden Age?

  17. Discovery of Binomial Theorem?

  18. Discovery of trigonometry?

  19. Even 1000 years ago, how all mosques of Muslims are now being found to point directly to Macca?

  20. What is difference between Astronomy and Astrology?

  21. How People in early times confused Astronomy with Astrology?

  22. What is Astronomy?

  23. What is Astrology?

  24. What is relationship of Astronomy with Islam?

  25. What is relationship of Astrology with Islam?

  26. What is Contemplation?

  27. What encouraged Muslims to study Astronomy in Islamic Golden Age?

  28. Who was Ptolemy? and what were his ideas about the Astronomy?

  29. Who was Al Bairuni? and how he corrected Ptolemy?

  30. What is Astrolabe? and how was it invented in Islamic Golden Age?

  31. Did Christopher Columbus discovered that the earth is round or was it known from the ancient times?

  32. How sailors discovered that the earth is flat?

  33. How Muslims calculated the circumference of earth accurately 1000 years ago?

  34. How Muslims calculated the diameter of earth accurately 1000 years ago?

  35. Muslim's Voyages around the world in Islamic Golden Age.

  36. How Muslims of Golden Age managed to make an accurate world map without GPS and Satellites.

  37. What was the early Concept of Diseases in Islamic Golden Age?

  38. How the ancient people believed the concept of diseases in Islamic Golden Age?

  39. How this concept was corrected?

  40. Who was Ibn e Sina and how he viewed Disease.

  41. What was his conclusion on spreading of diseases.

  42. What is “The Canon of Medicine”?

  43. What is the connection between mental and physical health?

All of these Topics & Questions will be answered in this course and many more. so ENROLL NOW in course "History of Islamic Golden Age and Scientific Developments".

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