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Being a Voice Artist - Practical Tips to Start Coupon

[100% Off] Being a Voice Artist - Practical Tips to Start Free Course Coupon

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Making a living as a voice artist - full time or part time career

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Learn to become a good voice artist from someone that has 14+ years of experience in the field - learn tips and tricks, learn how to start from zero, how to prepare before going public, where to find jobs and bonus advice from my mistakes. Find out what equipment you need, what software, if you need acting skills and what other skills you should have or develop because being a voice actor is a business in itself. Having a great voice is not enough.

The course addresses beginners or people that have absolutely no experience but are willing to learn. It is all about practical tips, no useless theory to waste your time. You can be great from the beginning and you can learn to avoid a lot of beginner mistakes.

Find out what you are good at in voice-over jobs. Not everyone is great in commercials that require a lot of acting. I personally wouldn’t hire myself because I sound fake when I try to act full of energy. I sound pathetic. However, I am great in e-learning and IVR or other professional jobs. So, it’s OK if you can’t act. There’s always something for you if you really want a career in the voice field. So, let’s start our adventure!

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