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YouTube SEO -  Rank Your YouTube Videos in 2021 Coupon

[70% Off] YouTube SEO - Rank Your YouTube Videos in 2021 Course Coupon

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Grow your YouTube channel by learning about Keyword Research for YouTube with Khurshid Sherani

2.0 hr
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According to YouTube, there are 3 Billions monthly YouTube users and billions of videos are being watched daily on YouTube. The platform’s users consist of almost a third of the internet.

For marketers, YouTube is a great place to focus on. With so many potential viewers, your target audience is bound to be searching for how to videos, music videos, sports videos, cooking shows and more. To make sure your videos appear in the top of search results, you need to focus on your YouTube SEO and in this course, we will learn about the basics of YouTube SEO.

YouTube Channel Growth can you cost several hundred dollars if you hire an agency or a freelancer, but I am going to teach you everything about YouTube Growth in this course. In this course, I have covered all the basics about YouTube Keyword Research, How to be in the suggested videos, how to research for keywords through different tools, and how to categorize your content with the help of Hashtags. Other than that, I have also covered that what are the ranking factors, and how you can improve your videos and your channel ranking.

Course Outline:

0. Outline

1. Introduction

2. Ranking Factors of YouTube

3. Focus on Search or Suggested Videos? or Both?

4. Starting with a Hook - How and Why?

5. YouTube Keywords Research (Why Keyword Research is Important for YouTube; How to Do Keywords research for YouTube videos; Where can you use the keywords in YouTube videos?)

6. Keyword Research Tools for YouTube. (Which are the most important keyword tools for YouTube; how to use them?)

7. Hashtags: How to use Hashtags in a video on YouTube? What are the impacts of using Hashtags?

If you face some issues, you can post your queries in the comments or contact me directly. Thank you!

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