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Discover 7 Simple yet Effective Yoga Classes Designed for Beginners
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Sacha Heath
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[100% Off] Yoga for Absolute Beginners! Udemy Coupon

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Do you want to learn yoga but not sure where to start?!

Do you need to learn yoga at a gentle pace that allows you progress in your own time?

Have you tried yoga before but felt it was a little too advanced for your needs?

Then this course is for you!

Here you will find 6 x yoga classes each approximately 30-40 mins long helping you to start a daily yoga practice while going over many yoga poses perfect for beginners.

You will learn alignment cues and adjustments to practice every pose in a way that is most beneficial for your body, and you will have all the tools you need to develop a daily routine of yoga to leave you feeling relaxed and uplifted every single day 🙂

  You will find gentle sequences perfect for total beginner.  Many poses are repeated throughout the course so that you can build your sense of familiarity with the poses.   We will work at a gentle pace so you won’t need to rush and you have time to integrate this amazing practice.

  As there are 7 classes you can take some time each day to look after your body; and develop a calmer more peaceful mind. You can enjoy cultivating a healthier, happier lifestyle while taking a good look  at  all types of yoga poses.

  This  course includes poses to help with balance, strength,  muscle tone, and  flexibility. Every practice is complete and ends with a traditional Savasna (restorative pose) so you will end every session feeling utterly relaxed and ready for the rest of your day.

  Click the enrol button to join me in this beautiful practice 🙂 


      🙂 Sacha

Instructors: Sacha Heath

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