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Duration: 3.0 hours

Teacher Ibrahim teaches you how to write with confidence

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Welcome to our course " Write English confidently and naturally"

this course is designed for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills. at the end of the course, you will be able to write easily and naturally about any topic.

if you don't understand something don't think twice just let me know.

don't watch all the lessons in a row, take it easy and go step by step.

remember this "practice makes perfect" that's why with each section you have a bunch of exercises to do.

what are you gonna learn in this course?

  • Master simple and compound sentences.

  • Master all the types of sentences.

  • related and unrelated sentences.

  • learn how to negate sentences.

  • Learn how to use prepositional phrases.

  • Learn how to write an entire paragraph.

  • Master complex sentences that are the most important in the English language.

  • Learn how to use subordinating and coordinating conjunctions.

  • Learn the difference between clauses and sentences.

  • learn dependent and independent clauses and get the difference between them.

enjoy the process of it and don't forget to do all the exercises. it's a must, by the way, you can download all the files

Writing Tips to Help You Get Started

1) For many people, writing comes easier right after a good night’s sleep. Grammarly’s research also shows early birds make fewer writing mistakes. (No matter when you write, Grammarly has your back. Try Grammarly to get more writing tips to help keep you on track.

2) Getting started on a big writing project can feel intimidating if you’re not used to the act of writing. Practice this skill daily—whether a short sentence or full paragraph—to get accustomed to the mental and physical concept of writing.

3) Before you begin writing, do some reconnaissance reading. Take notes as you read up on your subject material. Ideas will form as you research.

4) Inspiration can hit you at any time. Don’t leave a gripping pitch for a client, poetic sentence, or catchy project name to your memory. Write it down in a dedicated notebook, or create a note file on your smartphone.

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