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WordPress For Beginners NO CODE Just Easy WordPress, Quickly Coupon

[88% Off] WordPress For Beginners NO CODE Just Easy WordPress, Quickly Course Coupon

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Learn WordPress Website Skills You Need To Build & Grow Your Online Business, With WordPress SEO Training & No Coding

13.5 hr
10$ 84.99$
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IMPORTANT: This is NOT a WordPress Development course about coding, or tech. If You are looking for that, you will get NO VALUE from this WordPress Training. This is 100% For People Who Are Not Techy, and who want to build WordPress Sites WITHOUT TECH!

Is One Or More Of These Things True?

1. You're fed up with your progress or your profits so far?

2. You're sick of buying courses only to discover you were only told a tiny bit of what you had to do?

3. You are confused with overly complex training?

4. You're ready right now to learn what will work for you in 2023 and beyond?

If there is one thing that holds many people back, especially when starting out it's being fed overly complex information and losing trust in your trainer...

My Promise To You:

I, Ciaran Doyle, promise to show you the WordPress website building steps to...

· Eliminate the confusion, squash the uncertainty and frustration, while...

· Showing you Non-tech ways to get what you need done,

· Getting more results, WITHOUT spending more money,

· And NOT trying to sell you anything during the training,

So, if you are looking for that final breakthrough, that last little push towards success, you are in the right place.


Don't take my word for it, here's what my students say...

…I have Ciaron to thank for his magical messaging. It's fun, engaging, and somehow has penetrated into my brain. I recommend the course to anyone interested in learning this stuff. It will happen! Robin Richardson.

This course is spectacular. Ciaran knows how to teach effectively and to really connect with his students, providing clear explanations of concepts, processes, and tools. He really lives up to his promise…I look forward to taking other courses with him. P.S. He really over-delivers for the price he charges… Ellen C.

…I cannot believe that you as a tutor can be more concerned about the individual success of each and every student rather than your own financial gain. You truly are a rare find! We salute you! – Alphie J

This is my second training with Ciaran and it does not disappoint again. Thanks, Ciaran – Steve B

Thank you so much, Ciaran for such an amazing course… It’s well structured, very informative, and easy to understand. Again thank you! – Eva

Plus a whole host of others...


WordPress can be so much fun, even better when you are profiting from it.

And that is what I'm going to show you how to do...

To build on top of WordPress, to show you the key steps you need to know to be able to do pretty much everything you need to run all manner of online businesses…

1. Follow along with this WordPress Tutorial as I build professional-looking WordPress sites from scratch, even though I'm not a designer,

2. Get the easiest non-technical ‘technical” overview of WordPress,

3. Get floods of free visitors from the search engines (Yep, even this), and...

4. Turn your ideas into fun and profitable WordPress sites.


But what if you’re not techy?

Here’s the truth about starting a new WordPress site…

1. You don’t need to be an expert,

2. You don’t need to have done this before to create a great WordPress site, create brilliant WP content and get floods of visitors,

3. You don’t need to be a tech wizard, university graduate, or college, or even high school…

4. And, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars hiring so called experts to make this a reality, (This really is KEY FOR THIS TRAINING)



Well, this WordPress training is based on WordPress implementation that works, and excels online, and that I use in my own business.

Everything you will see has been tried and tested, put through actual real world experience, cutting your learning curve, so you can benefit from it right now!

Also, the more you do with this, the stronger your WordPress skills and knowledge will become.

I’m not only going to teach you how to do WordPress… but MOST IMPORTANTLY, HOW TO THINK WORDPRESS!

You see,

This WordPress training focuses on great understanding of how to use WordPress without being a:

  • designer or developer,

  • without being a techy person, and just simply,

  • what you as a technophobe are actually capable of doing,

  • instead of what is just going to make your brain explode.


What many people teach, which is Skimming over the inner workings, or passing the work over to Upwork to get a designer to do that etc…

Which does work, but, as you have probably already discovered, hiring people is a nightmare!

For a start... if you just simply get others to create your WordPress sites for you:

  • You don't even know what is good or bad work,

  • Or what you even need to have on your site to make it work the way you want, and…

  • 9 times out of 10, THEY DON’T DO IT CORRECTLY!

Non WordPress Understanding = Overcharging, Bad Work and Bad Site Functionality!


Did you know?

When people come to your website, you only have up to 0.05 seconds to make an impression on them, or they will leave, and most likely never come back…(Yep, only 50 milliseconds)

Now imagine your website runs slowly…

When your WordPress site runs sluggishly (which most do), this can lead to your potential customers never even getting to see your website, as it takes too long to load…

And guess what happens then?

They LEAVE, and look somewhere else!

Your website is just ‘One’ of the multitude of solutions out there…

So, YOU need to know how to sort out these problems yourself, quickly, making your WordPress website more USER FRIENDLY instantly!


And ultimately that means more sales/money/signups…

If you have fallen foul of the ‘gurus’ before, with their overly complex training and lessons, don’t worry, many of my students have been in the same predicament before they came to me.

So, for a change, you will learn the real fundamentals of how WordPress works, for YOU and YOUR WEBSITE!

The skills and step by step instructions will open your eyes to the world of WORDPRESS and the internet like never before!.

These are the things that actually WILL work for you, no matter your technical ability (As there is NO CODE HERE), and in a much quicker time.

Do you want to get real results for a change?

You will be able to easily follow along with the over-the-shoulder step-by-step approach to help this become a reality for you…

Simply do what I do, and let me guide you to succeeding with WordPress.


How This Making WordPress Easy Training works

The training is split into 13 Modules:

Part 1 – Before You Begin

This is all about you and how you can get the most out of the training,

· Finding out how best to approach this training for exceptional results,

· How it will work for you,

· How to get to the core of what you want to create,

· How to find out any answers you may have... sometimes this can be the hardest point, getting to the core of the ‘jargon’ used with new softwares…but it is a breeze with this method.

I’ll show you how to pick the correct WordPress for your new website, and where to install it, so you can get the proper understanding of the most important elements of your site.

Part 2 – Web Host Installation

We get straight into getting your WordPress website LIVE online...

You will follow along step by step as I bring you through the whole WordPress website setup, including explanations of it, from:

  1. Purchasing your first domain,

  2. Getting your hosting set up (multiple types for you to choose)

  3. Your DNS changed,

  4. Your SSL requirements,

When done correctly following this specific setup formula, your WordPress website will:

  • Save you money,

  • Get a WordPress website performance boost,

  • Ensure that you fill a requirement of the search engines (like Google),

  • And see how easy it is going to be to reproduce WordPress sites in a flash.

You will get addicted to creating these WordPress websites, and the more you create the better and easier they will become.

And when you follow along, build yours out and learn the process, you will be able to do it too, but you need to learn it first.

Part 3 - A First Look At WordPress

Following on from the WordPress website installation section, I’m going to bring you through an overview of your new WordPress dashboard…

Giving you the immediate confidence to know…

  1. What the different sections are for,

  2. How to access them,

  3. How to find things you want,

  4. And most importantly, to be able to navigate your dashboard to get the best out of not only this training, but every single WordPress site you create.

Without this,

You won't know where to start, and what you see in front of you will look overly complex.

Don’t let something so easily explained confuse you before you start, and that is why I do this section, to make sure you get such a good grounding to WordPress that the next sections become a breeze.

Because we move onto something very special in Module 4…

Part 4 - Gutenberg Editor

Content is King as they say...

But, while it might be king, and it is that important, it is a learned skill...

It is not something that you automatically get good at!


Content Isn’t ONLY The Words You Create…

It’s HOW you create them, and what you make it:

  • Look like,

  • Read like, and…

  • Feel like.

So, understanding how to turn an ordinary piece of text writing into something of easy beauty is key to making a brilliant website.

What if I was able to show you how to work one of the most powerful content creation platforms in the world, and…

1. Turn every piece of boring text into a work of art (without any tech or design skills)

2. Know the exact steps you need to take to create perfectly structured content for the search engines and your readers,

3. How to create this amazing looking content, EVEN if you have NEVER used WordPress before,

4. And, how to blow your readers away with the sheer easiness and clinginess your content has...

Would that make you happy?

Well, that's what I have in store for you in the Gutenberg section... pure novice to GOLD EXPERT instruction... YOU WILL BE BLOWN AWAY!

Part 5 - WordPress Settings

Following on from the Gutenberg section, we get into the key settings that EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE NEEDS TO HAVE IN PLACE!

A few little-known elements that need a ONE TIME SETUP, and that make managing your website a breeze.

Knowing how to optimize these settings for quality WordPress sites…

  1. Ensure your website is viewed exactly as you want it to be,

  2. Your content is read in the exact manner in which you set it out,

  3. Your readers consume your site the way you want,

  4. Your commenters are looked after, almost on autopilot (if you want them to be),

  5. And, your visitors Privacy is all taken care of,


How to ensure even before you start to create content, that one of your content ESSENTIALS is set up, working and ready to automatically inserted into EVERY PIECE of content you create!

Part 6 - WordPress Themes, Widgets

Ok, so this one here is a BIG DEAL for most… and that is the design section,

The reason being?

We ain’t all designers!

When it comes down to it, most people who haven’t studied design aren’t very good at it.

And, while designers make a killing providing their services to Non-Educated website owners, they know, something job-killing is creeping up to steal their web design business…

WordPress themes, or another way to see it is...

Graphical WordPress Templates that just eliminate the need for ANY designers at all!


Maybe you have tried themes before and still can’t get it the way you want?

Well, what if I was able to show you how to...

1. Know exactly where to find the correct theme for your sites, ALWAYS,

2. The exact steps you need to take to create the site of your dreams,

3. How to let someone else do 99% of the design work for you, and…

4. How to blow your readers away with WordPress sites that look like you spent thousands of dollars on them

Would that make you happy?

Well, that's what I have in store for you in the themes and widgets section…

Part 7 - Important WordPress Plugins

Website functionality is key to a wonderful experience for your visitors…

And, a perfectly working site for you…

But, while other sites spend thousands on a WordPress Developer to do there work…

It might not cost as much as you might think, and in many cases, what you love on other sites, could be done for…


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