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WordPress Expert Advice: Create Fast Sales Page in WordPress Coupon

[25% Off] WordPress Expert Advice: Create Fast Sales Page in WordPress Course Coupon

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Complete WordPress Training: Create FAST Sales Pages in WordPress With Practical Examples and Hands-On Training

3.0 hr
15$ 19.99$
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Welcome to WordPress Speed Optimization Course and get WordPress Expert Advice: Create Fast Sales Page in WordPress.

This is Complete WordPress Training is for those who need WordPress Speed Optimization and FAST WordPress Web Sites and to improve WordPress speed With Practical Examples and Methods.

A slow website can hurt SEO, leading to lower search rankings, fewer clicks, fewer leads, and a decrease in sales. By taking the time to test and improve your website speed, you’re also investing in the overall well-being of your website or your sales page.

Also, in this course, I will show you the tools and methods you can use to create your Sales Pages and methods for HUGE improvement of your site speed.


  1. INTRO

  2. What is Web Hosting

  3. Web Hosting Support and Customer Service

  4. What should you know about choosing a web host

  5. Which one to buy - My recommendation on Webhosting provider

  6. What is a Domain name and How to choose yours

  7. How to Buy and or transfer a Domain Name

  8. What is SSL Certificate and how to add one for free

  9. What is WordPress and How to install it by yourself even if you have no tech experience

  10. What are the Plugins, Preparing for the Installation

  11. What are the Sales Pages and Elements of a Winning Sales Page

  12. Prerequisites and Tools for creating sales page content

  13. How to create a sales page in WordPress Step-by-Step

  14. Another method Create sales pages in WordPress using templates

  15. How to duplicate sales pages in WordPress

  16. Tips and Tricks in WordPress

  17. MailerLite Part 1, 2 and 3

  18. Assignment

  19. How to test the speed of our Sales page with the most popular webpage speed tools

  20. Run WordPress sites faster INTRODUCTION to WordPress Speed Optimization

  21. WordPress Speed Optimization Method No 1 to improve WordPress speed

  22. WordPress Speed Optimization Method No 2 to improve WordPress speed

  23. Which WordPress Speed Optimization method to choose?

  24. Method for unlimited email accounts

  25. Add a free messaging app to monitor and chat with your sales page visitors

  26. Must-know WordPress Tips and Tricks

  27. OUTRO

By placing each suggestion in context, you could not only improve your site speed and have beautiful sales pages ready for your customers, but also appreciate how many different ways there are to do it.

My name is Dejan and in this course, you will learn how to start and scale your WordPress Sales Pages, even if you have no technical skills, no ideas to start with, and no experience at all.

Don’t waste your time. Time is money. Let’s get to work, right now.


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