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Wordpress Elementor Web Design | Make a Pro ecommerce  shop Coupon

[82% Off] Wordpress Elementor Web Design | Make a Pro ecommerce shop Course Coupon

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Create a Woocommerce wordpress Store using elementor page builder and prepare your images using canva and Photoshop CC

3.0 hr
15$ 84.99$
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Welcome to WordPress Elementor Web Design | Make a Pro e-commerce shop.

In this course, you will get hands-on creating a real-world store from scratch, using elementor as a front-end web page builder and you will be able to design your own images and slides using canva and Adobe photoshop, and even illustrator to create your own logo.

Learn Elementor and unleash the power of the page builder for WordPress with this Elementor course. Elementor works a little differently from most page builders. For a start, you design live on the front-end of your site, not in the back-end Dashboard.

The free version is a page builder that comes with dozens of beautiful widgets and templates that you can use to build your web page content with pixel-perfect precision. It's an impressive and well-established page-builder.

This course covers both design staff with canva & Photoshop and elementor page builder staff.

We'll then cover:

  • How to borrow inspiration from other websites, to craft your own unique design. That includes choosing the right fonts and colors for your site.

  • We will choose the right theme from the famous Envato ThemeForest platform.

  • We'll go through all of the back-end settings, including how to install Woocommerce and many other plugins such as revolution slider...

  • We will see how to create slides for our revolution slider plugin using canva and adobe photoshop CC.

  • You'll become familiar with the front-end Elementor interface as we go through all of the menu and settings.

  • You'll get to know how an Elementor page is structured using sections, columns, and elements. At this stage, I'll set you a few design tasks and then go over the solutions in detail.

  • You'll learn how to use templates so that you can create a design element once, and re-use it as many times as you want. You can even export your templates from one site and import them into another.

  • You'll see why global widgets are a powerful asset in your toolbox.

  • Elementor offers you some great tools, including motion effects. These can be used to bring movement to your pages, so we'll look at those.

  • And finally, we'll look at mobile optimization. This powerful set of tools will allow you to check (and fix) your site design so that it looks great on a desktop, tablet, AND mobile phone.

  • We will see how to create menus and change the header and the footer using the elementor page builder .

  • We will see how to speed up our store to make it more adaptable to rank on Google. so SEO friendly.

    Elementor was created for every site owner and designer that wants to create beautiful web content. It was created to allow you to design a perfect pixel store that catches the eyes of your customers.

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