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Who the F**K are you? A Nitty gritty, no nonsense course Coupon
Personal Development

[35% Off] Who the F**K are you? A Nitty gritty, no nonsense course Course Coupon

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Using a variety of writing exercises to unlock, release and heal hidden trauma, allowing you to become your true self

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Who the F**k are you?

6 week writing therapy course

If the title offends you, or makes you recoil, forget it! This course is NOT for you, and that's ok, you're not asking this question, so don't waste your time.

However, IF you are or ever have asked this question, and in this manner, (which is why I used this title, as I hear it from 9/10 of my clients) then lean into this course and consider investing the time.

People who have lost their identity:

following a toxic relationship.

Parents following their children leaving home.

Women surviving domestic abuse.

People surviving any type of abuse

A divorce/break-up

Any serious trauma in your life.

Any of the above can trigger a person to ask, 'Who the f**k am I?

Are you one of them?

Invest in the six sessions, do them at your own pace; weekly/bi-weekly is recommended to allow all the information gleamed, to process and be absorbed into your psyche.

Do you truly know who you are? What you want? Where your path leads? What has hindered you on your journey?

What trauma have you kept at arm’s length, preferring to hide it? What caused you to lose yourself?

How would it feel to break free and live life not merely existing?

I was once where you are. Scared of living. Hated my own skin. Despised life and was sick of being afraid all the time. Didn’t trust anyone let alone myself. Something had to change and I knew it had to be me and the way I thought about myself.

Where had that negativity come from? What had happened within my existence to make me hate myself? Blame myself? Be disgusted with myself? Want to be someone else?

Having survived years of abuse and trauma, I thought I had worked through all of that baggage...I was wrong.

Everything I offer you in this writing therapy course; I have done. I have worked through every trauma, every negative emotion, thought, feeling and it changed my life. I only wish I’d had the meditations, as they offer a way to work on another level; it may have helped me quicker.

I learned to live my life, and be me. Trust my inner voice and find my own path, not follow the herd. I empowered myself to realise I can do whatever I put my mind and spirit into and voila, I am happy, content, loved, loving, have fabulous, supportive friends and family and life is pretty good. I learned that once you change your frequency, good things are attracted to you. I had to let go of my baggage and become ME to realise that.

It is all there, deep inside you, but sometimes trauma and life’s issues can get in the way of knowing our true selves, our true purpose, what we truly desire and how to achieve it. We begin to ‘exist’ in this world, not ‘live’ in it, which causes an array of emotional turmoil. Sometimes we need help to get back on our path.

Are you ready to ask the hard questions and unravel who the true you really is?

These sessions take around 2-3 hours per session + 30 mins for relaxation during the meditation, which you can listen to as often as you wish.

Using a variety of writing exercises, questions, counselling, worksheets, handouts, meditations and more, I can help you gain clarity, empowerment of self, work through any issues that are preventing you from being your true self and realising your self worth to move forward in your life with a better understanding of what you want, what you need, how to achieve it, but most importantly, who YOU truly are.

Once you identify your own blockages, you become empowered to work through them and see yourself in a different and higher state of being. So, let me ask you, are you worth it? Do you know your true value?

The sessions include short writing exercises to help you identify with yourself, your journey and who you wish to be. A variety of handouts, information sheets, and extra little exercises for homework to really get down to the nitty gritty of the true you and each session is followed by a meditation to help you go even deeper into your self discovery.

  • You work through each writing session in your own time (I would recommend weekly/monthly) Allow around 2 hours per session when you won’t be disturbed.

  • You listen to the meditation following on from every session. (I would recommend listening to each meditation at least once before you move onto the next session) Allow at least half an hour when you won't be disturbed for each meditation to allow yourself time to relax and process what you experience.

  • If you require a One to one person-centred counselling session via zoom I can only take on a limited number of clients at a time. These are available at a discount of £25 per 1 hour session. Contact me for details/join waiting list.

6 week Writing Therapy Course – So, Who the F**k are YOU?

  • Week 1 Who are you?

  • Week 2 How do you Really feel?

  • Week 3 Confidence to be who YOU are

  • Week 4 Emotional baggage

  • Week 5 Self Esteem – Your True Worth

  • Week 6 The Real YOU

Meditations for each week.

  • 1. Meeting Yourself with Love & Acceptance

  • 2.Connecting with your Feelings

  • 3. Heart Energy

  • 4. Letting go

  • 5. Garden of Acceptance

  • 6. Forgiving Yourself


I cannot be held responsible for your well being, especially if you do this course alone. I can guide you, support you, work with you, but at the end of the day, it is your life and you know what is going on within it and your limitations within that energy. When you work with me, we have a contract to protect both of us. If you’re doing this alone, then this must act as a disclaimer against any and all responsibility for you. These workshops are intended to offer guidance, acknowledging your issues and allowing you time to heal those wounds to move forward in life with clarity of mind, body and spirit. It is your decision as to whether or not you are ready for this healing. You have full autonomy of self.

With Love x


©Paula Roscoe 2022

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