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What is the Sub/Unconscious? How Do We Discover Ourselves? Coupon
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[25% Off] What is the Sub/Unconscious? How Do We Discover Ourselves? Course Coupon

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Learn how your mind works and discover yourself!

3.0 hr
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The concepts of subconscious or unconscious are used in almost every area of ​​life. However, most of these uses are inaccurate. In 1 hour, you will learn both these concepts and how to discover yourself. Here are some questions you will find answers to:

1) Is the subconscious or unconscious the right concept?

   A building is thought of as consciousness and its foundation as subconscious. However, this explanation and definition does not reflect the truth.

2) How was it discovered?

   Did the famous psychiatrist Freud invent this concept? Was Freud really a psychiatrist?

3) Is it a dump or an archive?

   We don't always know the answer to questions like why we love something or why we feel miserable out of nowhere. The answer to this lack of knowledge is hidden in our unconscious.

4) Which questions are answered here?

   So what exactly does it do?  Even today we know only a limited part. But even this part tells us a lot about us.

5) How does it affect our life?

   Can we call it black or white? Or is it a rainbow?

6) What are id, ego and superego?

   This is where you will learn how your mind works. It will affect the way you see yourself and other people.

7) How do we discover ourselves and why should we explore? How does this discovery change our lives?

   This chapter has been prepared in the context of psychological knowledge and clinical experience.

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