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Watercolor Painting Flowers by Award Winning Artist Coupon

[83% Off] Watercolor Painting Flowers by Award Winning Artist Course Coupon

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Flowers, Plants, Botanicals I 8 lessons I 3 Practice Sessions I 4 Activities I 1 Extra Special Lesson

7.0 hr
16$ 89.99$
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Have you ever tried “painting flowers before but ended up with

  • Mud

  • Billions of brush strokes

  • Stiff-looking stems or

  • Petals that look overworked and tired

Would you believe that painting different kinds of flowers, botanicals or foliage can be done using a combination of only 2 essential techniques?

They sure do!

Watercolors can flow and drip, blend and bleed, all of which can make painting flowers, effortless. What that means is, you apply the paint and let the water do the rest. You just need to let the water and color, paint the painting with you, and I'm here to show you how!


Hey there! Broderick here and I paint in watercolor professionally, from simple character designs to realism, to fun art, even fine art pieces hanging in Museums in Europe.

  • I’ve been a featured artist for a major art supply chain (Youtube: “urban sketching broderick wong”)

  • Social media loves my quirky watercolor pet portraits (Google: “Vancouver is awesome broderick wong”)

  • Placed first in live painting competitions (2016 Harmony Festival Plein Air Champion; 2018 Grand Prix Plein Air Masters Division Champion)

  • The Fabriano InAcquarello 2020, an international watercolor painting conference hosted in Italy, invited me to do an online painting demonstration as an international artist. (Google: "inarte fabriano 2020 brod wong”)

  • I've led live watercolor painting workshops for people who have never picked up a brush before

  • I'm also the creator of 3 highly popular watercolor courses here on Udemy, including the Bestseller Watercolor Painting for Beginners


There are watercolor painting classes out there that use up hours on soul-crushing lectures and theory before putting brush to paper and when you finally do, it's all about repetitive drills, forgettable color chart and swatch exercises, demoralizing activities that are too mediocre or too complex, random techniques without understanding why, leaving you with so much playing, experimenting, and accidents, but still not knowing how to properly apply the knowledge in a practical way.

I'm here to show you that learning doesn't have to be mind-numbing.

Seriously. You just need the right guidance.


In this course, you will start with simple activities to equip you with 2 essential flower-power techniques, taking time to apply them properly on simpler subjects first.


Then, you will learn how to combine these techniques with the fundamentals:

  • Creating the illusion of volume and depth without painting every single petal

  • Describe dimension through subtle folds and wrinkles

  • Learn how to blend colors to create soft marks and exploding patterns

  • Create flowing lines of stems and veins using brush techniques

New lessons introduce new techniques & reinforce what you learned in previous lessons. Lessons include carefully designed activities to match the skill level. Lessons are concise but packed with only relevant information


My style of teaching is process-based, meaning, you will walk away with proper technique and application so you can paint your own flowers after. You will not be limited to painting just the flowers in the activities. This is why I refer to it as Flower Power Techniques, techniques you can use to paint your own projects!


My live watercolor painting workshops have given me the opportunity to target and isolate very specific challenges about the painting process, from a learner’s point of view, and then break them down into short laser-focused lessons.I found that these challenges are multi-layered and overlapping, making it difficult to know where to begin.

This is why you may feel you’re taking 2 steps forward and 4 steps back.

My Watercolor Painting Flowers (and all my other courses) peel away those layers, then simplifies them into short focused lessons, allowing you to learn only what you need to know at that time, to get you to the next level. Succeeding lessons will have their own short, focused sessions that gradually build on top of the previous.

This course includes everything that I teach in my $260 live workshops and more!

It's jam-packed with extra tips, full commentary, clear instructions, and step-by-step guidance. You will get access to additional learning
through other student works, responses to questions, and, did I mention, you don't need to know how to draw?

I've also prepared a special lesson that integrates everything, complete with background, subtle texture, light, and shadow making your painting pop!


If you already know the fundamentals of Wet on Dry and Wet on Wet painting, but don't want to spend 1-hour painting ...1 petal, or if you want to paint different types of flowers where you paint as you learn right away, instead of sitting through, lengthy, boring lectures presenting more challenges before you paint, then Watercolor Painting Flowers is for you!

Are you an Absolute Beginner?

If you are looking for a new hobby, or maybe you’ve gathered a collection of watercolor supplies but haven't found the time or courage to paint or maybe you’re looking for a break from other more career goal-oriented courses, I would recommend taking my Watercolor Painting for Beginners first.

Are you an "On and Off" Painter?

As long as you are comfortable with Wet on Dry and Wet on Wet applications, then this is for you. But, if You've tried watercolor and find it difficult to control, you may need a refresher on watercolor or maybe you need direction because you seem to choose the wrong and complicated things to paint.

  • Do you appreciate hearing what artists think as they paint?

  • Do you find painting the same thing over and over boring and tiresome?

  • Do you appreciate some background information about watercolor and a progressive build-up of technique and application?

If you feel you need more guidance with Wet on Dry painting, my Watercolor Painting For Beginners is a good place to start. If you've got a good handle on Wet on Dry but always wanted to learn the secrets to Wet on Wet painting, then Watercolor Painting For Beginner Techniques and Effects is what you need to learn first.


I’m here to help you think like water.

The more you understand, the less uncertainty there is, the more excited you will be to paint. You will first learn how to control your watercolor. Then I’ll show you how to use water and let it do what it wants. This is what I call, Controlled Spontaneity: A give and take between you and the watercolor. You will learn how to use water, to do different techniques, such as smooth washes, blending, glazing, color mixing, and so much more.

My Watercolor Painting Flowers course is professionally produced:

● All videos are shot in high definition

● Over the headshots showing my entire setup

● Close-up shots for color mixing

● Clear and consistent audio/commentary

● Combination of energetic and relaxed pacing

● Casual conversations instead of formal lectures

● Receive the information in small segments. No over-explaining.

● Animation/Visual Cues to let you know where I want you to focus on

● Fun activities with new challenges in each lesson to build up technique and application

7 hours I 3 practice sessions I 4 flower activities I 1 special bonus lesson


I can’t wait to help you create your own fantastic flowers, once and floral, using color with water!

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