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Warali Art Complete Course from Basics to Advance Coupon

[100% Off] Warali Art Complete Course from Basics to Advance Free Course Coupon

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ChitraRang Fine Art Academy

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The Warli Painting tradition in Maharashtra are among the finest examples of the folk style of paintings. The Warli tribe is one of the largest in India, located outside of Mumbai. This form of tribal art mainly makes use of geometric shapes such as circles, triangles and squares to form numerous shapes depicting life and beliefs of the Warli tribe. In olden days, Warli art was done on walls on special occasions. The painting would be done over a brown background which would basically be a mixture of mud and cow dung cakes. The white pigment used to draw shapes and figures would be a mixture of rice mixed with water and gum. One of the most popular themes in Warli art is a spiral chain of humans around one central motif. This in accordance with their belief that life is an eternal journey, and it has no beginning and end.

ChitraRang Fine Art Academy is presenting you an opportunity to learn Warli art form, with "Warli Painting Online Course" - from the comfort of your home, at the time of your choice, at your own pace!
ChitraRang Fine Art Academy's Warli Painting Online Course helps you to learn the art in an easy manner, this course teaches the basics and advance of the art form, which covers borders, figures, trees and more. Further it teaches you how to draw and paint Warli art on different surfaces like canvas, cloth, paper and so on. This course will teach you the correct painting technique of Warali Art

This course can be taken by 18+ years age art enthusiastic.

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