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Vedic Maths Masterclass:  Learn Maths Scratch to Advanced Coupon
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[82% Off] Vedic Maths Masterclass: Learn Maths Scratch to Advanced Course Coupon

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Vedic Mathematics With All 16 Sutras &13 Sub-Sutras. Mental Math & Speed Maths for CAT, MAT, OLYMPIAD, GMAT, CSAT, Etc

3.0 hr
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Do you want to improve the speed of your maths and numerical calculation? Do you want to learn Speed Maths and Become a Human Calculator? Do you want to learn Mental Math tricks and techniques to ace the numerical aptitude question in competitive examinations like Olympiad, CAT, MAT, GMAT, SAT, MBA, Civil Services Exam (CSAT), IIT-JEE, etc.?

Welcome to the Biggest and the Most Comprehensive Course on Vedic Mathematics on Internet!

This course will help you do complex numeric calculations with a finger click! Welcome to complete the Vedic Mathematics course. It is the Only Course on the internet that covers ALL the 16 Sutras and Sub-Sutras of Vedic Mathematics with over 22 hours of Video Content! This is a Complete High Speed Vedic Math Course!

Unique Features of This Course:

  • It is the only course on the Internet covering ALL 16 Vedic Mathematics Sutras and 13 Sub-Sutras

  • It is the Biggest Course on the Internet with Over 22 Hours of Video content covering all aspects of Vedic Mathematics

  • It is the only course on Vedic Mathematics with Research Orientation that offers details of scholarly Research done by Indian and Western Scholars

  • It is the only course where videos have been created using scientific principles of teaching-learning and Bloom's Taxonomy

What is Vedic Mathematics?

Vedic Mathematics refers to a set of speed maths techniques often attributed to ancient Vedic text of India, especially Atharvaveda written around 3500 years ago in Ancient India. India has produced many noteworthy scholars and geniuses in mathematics, the most noteworthy among them being Srinivasa Ramanujan. Ramanujan became famous for doing large mathematical calculations in a snap or inventing mathematical formulas without any derivation. Many scholars are still deciphering his formulas to date.

Truly, practical mathematics in everyday life does not demand a derivation or outlining all the steps of calculation. Kids often lose interest in Mathematics because the regular approach to mathematics is mundane as it involves going through long steps to get the result of a multiplication or division. In many competitive examinations, time is extremely important and Vedic Math can do calculations faster than a calculator.

What you can do with Vedic Maths?

Using Vedic Maths, you can:

  • Develop your numerical skills,

  • Train your mind for speed calculation,

  • Solve algebraic equations in a snap,

  • Develop the interest of kids in maths and science

  • Become and mathematics wizard

  • Ace numerical and reasoning sections of competitive exams

  • Become a better data scientist and researcher

  • (or simply) Impress someone with your maths skills.

We have built the Vedic Mathematics Masterclass to help you learn Vedic Mathematics from Scratch to Advanced Level. The course offers a flow of Vedic Maths principles beginning with its first Sutra ('Rules') and takes your maths skills to an advanced level with numerous examples and exercises. Comprehensive coverage offered in this course would be of immense value for you in going through the length and breadth of this golden ancient heritage of India.

Sign Up to Master This Treasure of Knowledge and Become a Mathematics Genius!

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