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UX Writing in Practice: Documentation & Processes Coupon

[50% Off] UX Writing in Practice: Documentation & Processes Course Coupon

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How To Integrate UX Writing Into Your Workflow

3.0 hr
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As the discipline of UX Writing becomes increasingly popular, more and more people plan to transition into the field – supported by the various resources that teach them how to write UX copy properly.

However, people who successfully transitioned into the field of UX Writing, are confronted with challenges that go way beyond how to write a great error message.

Many of these challenges have to do with questions like the following questions:

How do UX Writers work within a team?

How do they document and communicate UX copy?

Which tools do UX Writers use to document, manage, update, and hand over their UX copy?

Looking at the product development process, when comes UX Writing into play?

How do UX Writers coordinate with their team?

If you ask yourself these and other questions and have not yet found an answer to them, this course is the right choice for you!

Who should join

This course is the perfect choice for all UX Writers and for everybody who works with UX Writing, including designers, developers, product owners, and project managers.

It is also a great choice for translators, copywriters, marketing writers, and other stakeholders who contribute text to a digital product.

And: It is especially well-suited for people who have transitioned into UX Writing but have little or no experience with working on a product team. The same goes for product owners or project managers who plan to integrate UX Writing into their projects, but are unsure about how to do it.

What you will learn

In the first part of this class, you will learn

  • what UX Writing documentation means

  • what to include in your UX Writing documentation

  • how to choose the right method and tool for your UX Writing documentation

  • about three tools and a custom-made method you can use for UX Writing documentation

In the second part of this class, you will learn

  • what agile processes are

  • what the agile design process is

  • about the tasks of UX Writing within the agile design process

  • how task management within teams works for UX Writing

Sounds good? Then join this class and take your UX Writing documentation to the next level!

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