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User Research And Testing For UX Writing Coupon

[62% Off] User Research And Testing For UX Writing Course Coupon

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How To Prepare And Test UX Writing Decisions With User Reasearch

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There are many examples of good and bad UX Writing out there – and no doubt, these examples are helpful for every junior and advanced UX Writer.

But is this really all we need to know in order to write great microcopy for our users?

The answer is short and simple: no.

Great copy and microcopy are always perfectly custom-tailored to the skills, needs, preferences, habits, fears, and values of our very specific target audience. This is why the classic good and bad practice examples of UX Writing are very limited in their informative value.

And this is also why UX Writers – just like designers – more and more rely on proper user research and user testing, as it helps us to make target audience-specific, well-informed decisions about which emotions to address, which information to include, and which words to use.

However, especially for UX Writers who are new to the field, many things about user research and user testing in UX Writing remain obscure:

How can user research actually improve my UX Writing?

What parts of our copy can be tested?

What kinds of different methods for exploring and testing are actually helpful for UX Writers?

How do we choose the right method?

What do we need to keep in mind when setting up our user research and user testing?

If you ask yourself these and other questions and have not yet found an answer to them, this course is the right choice for you!

Who should join

This course is the perfect choice for all UX Writers and for everybody who works with UX Writing.

It may also be interesting for designers, project managers, product owners, and developers who want to include UX Writing into their product development process and are interested in how to make information-based writing decisions.

For user researchers who are very familiar with general user research techniques but have only little experience with using these techniques in the context of UX Writing, this course also provides some new knowledge – not much, but some.

What you will learn

In the first part of this class, you will learn

  • what user research is and how it goes together with UX Writing

  • how to properly prepare your user research for UX Writing

  • about different forms of exploratory user research

  • how different forms of user research support UX Writing decisions

  • about real-life examples of how to apply exploratory user research methods

In the second part of this class, you will learn

  • about the different quality criteria you can test your copy for

  • how to properly prepare your user testing

  • about different forms of validating user research and when to use them

  • about real-life examples of how to apply validating user research methods and tools

Sounds good? Then join this class and learn how to conduct user research and user testing for your UX Writing!

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