Understanding the GMAT: Introduction Course

Understanding the GMAT: Introduction Course


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The GMAT is an important element in admissions decisions at top business schools.

The Graduate Management Admission Test, more commonly known as the GMAT, is a computer-based examination used to measure skills important to to the study of management.

Taking the GMAT exam alerts programs around the world that you are serious about your pursuit of a graduate management education, thereby increasing your likelihood of admission.

And the GMAT will also help you gain that scholarship you’ve dreamed about.

More than 1,600 schools require or accept GMAT scores from applicants, so preparing for the test is important. The right preparation strategy can raise a student’s score enough to make a difference between being accepted to a program and being rejected or waitlisted. So, don’t wait to much, get started with your preparation.

Instructors: Examizy Media

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