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Understanding Our Emotions Coupon
Personal Development

[70% Off] Understanding Our Emotions Course Coupon

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Getting To Grips With Navigating Your Emotional Landscape

3.0 hr
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About This Course

Think you understand emotions? Well, we all tend to think we do – especially our own emotions! But this series of modules will help you go deeper, to improve your ability at recognising what you’re experiencing, the things that cause them, and understanding their costs - and to do the same with others - become an emotional expert!

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for people at any level of hierarchy or experience in an organisation who want to better understand the emotional reactions we have to each other and to the things that happen to us every day, and, why it is important to recognise, acknowledge and value them.

Being able to identify the things we’re feeling at different times, to name them, understand them, work out what they are telling us and then choose how we respond (instead of reacting, often badly) is a critical self-management skill for all of us, but especially current or aspiring leaders.

Equally important is knowing the best emotional state you can be in at different times in your workday, week and life, and what you need to be mindful of for yourself and others.

While this course is aimed mainly at the workplace and our working relationships, we’ve found it equally applicable (and sometimes more so) in our personal and home lives too.

What Will You Learn On This Course?

We want you to be able to fully understand the impact our emotions have on us, our performance, our wellbeing, on those around us, and then to choose better ways to respond and manage what comes next.

  • We’ll take you through a simple way to start consistently opening up an emotional vocabulary for you and your people.

  • Use a tool to take a snapshot of how you’re doing emotionally right now and what they might mean for you.

  • Spend time looking at the emotions we experience and how to map them in a practical way.

  • Set you a challenge to help you make the changes you want to make in implementing the learning.

  • And lastly, revisit the concepts and content through the lens of emotions in ‘extreme circumstances'.

Your Instructor

Jane Sparrow has spent her career working with organisations across the globe to create sustainable high-performance cultures.

She began her career at IBM before holding a variety of senior positions in organisations such as Sony Europe, The Energy Project and MCA (now part of the WPP Group). Founder of the business consultancy The Culture Builders, specialising in transformational change, engagement and sustainable high-performance cultures, Jane is passionate about enabling others to perform at their best to achieve organisational and personal goals.

Her approach is grounded in the belief that by moving people beyond being simply ‘savers’ in an organisation and working with them to become ‘investors’ - people who will put far more in, organisations can unlock their performance potential.

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