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Ultimate Pencil Drawing and Shading Coupon

[75% Off] Ultimate Pencil Drawing and Shading Course Coupon

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Learn to Draw from Beginner to Advanced Level

14.0 hr
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Welcome to the “Ultimate Pencil Drawing and Shading from Beginner to Advanced Level” course!

This course has been created to teach you all the drawing techniques you need from beginner to advanced level. Never drawn pencil artworks before? That’s exactly why the first lesson of the course starts right at the beginning with an introduction to pencil drawing to teach you about pencil pressure, pencil layering and light to dark gradients. The first lesson allows you to become familiar with the tools and materials.

Having the understanding of shadows, mid-tones, light highlights and highlights is extremely important in this medium as by applying different pressure to your pencil, it gives your subject a more 3D and realistic feeling. You will first learn these techniques on still life compositions where you will also learn how objects can be made up of shapes which in turn can help you sketch the outline of your subject.

You will then move on to perfecting your shading techniques in the next lesson with a cherries drawing to understand the importance of hand movements. Once you have practised your shading techniques a few times, you will then move on to creating different textures with pencils. Being able to create the appearance of different textures with pencil is important to ensure your drawings are realistic and not flat.

Do you know how to shade based on colour variation? The macaroons lesson will teach you how you can show that your objects are different colours even though they have been drawn with pencil.

With the skills you have learnt over the previous lessons, you will bring this knowledge together to draw a still life composition. This will be an advanced style composition lesson where you will learn how to create depth to your drawing when there are multiple objects.

Want to learn how to draw portraits? It is important to learn the human anatomy of the face, facial shapes and all the different facial features before you dive into portraits: eyes, lips, ears, eyebrows and nose. By completing these lessons first, you will gain an understanding of how to draw and shade each part of the face in a realistic way so that when you reach the portrait lessons you will feel more confident in your ability.

You will then move on to learning the pencil measuring technique on a portrait. At this point, you will learn how to measure portraits using your thumb and pencil to achieve accurate proportional drawings. You will learn this technique on both front view and side view portraits so that you don’t find it daunting the next time you want to draw a side view profile!

As the course is coming to end, you will be completing two full portraits, one in an old master’s style and one celebrity portrait….Keanu Reeves. This is a chance for you to put everything into practice that you have learnt throughout the entire course by finishing with two amazing portraits to hang up at home, give as a gift or add to your portfolio.

That's not it either … for all the lessons you will have access to freebie learning materials such as outlines of main drawings in the course that you can print and use, model images on grids that can make it easier for you to draw from as well as an assignment for every lesson so you can practise your drawing skills further!

Throughout this course you will complete the following lessons:

  • Introduction to Pencil Techniques and Tools

  • Pear’s Still Life Drawing

  • How to Draw and Shade Cherries

  • Macaroons Drawing and Shading

  • Modern Still Life Drawing

  • Learn how draw the Human Anatomy For the Face

  • Facial Shapes Explanation

  • How to Draw a Portrait Using the Pencil Measuring Technique

  • Pencil Measurement Technique on side view and front view profile

  • Eye Drawing and Shading

  • How to Draw a Realistic Eyebrow

  • Lips Drawing

  • Lips Shading

  • Different Nose Shapes Drawing

  • Nose Shape Variations

  • Ear Drawing

  • Ear shading

  • Portrait Drawing - Old Master Style

  • Keanu Reeves Portrait Drawing

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