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Ultimate DevSecOps With Real World Scenarios Coupon

[84% Off] Ultimate DevSecOps With Real World Scenarios Course Coupon

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Learn all the needed DevOps / DevSecOps Skills and Tools needed for your Career [See The Description Below]

23.5 hr
15$ 94.99$
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DevOps is a combination of software development and information technology operations that enables businesses to deliver applications at a faster pace. It brings together development and operations teams so there are fewer redundancies in the software development process.

DevSecOps is a culture shift in the software industry that aims to bake security into the rapid-release cycles that are typical of modern application development and deployment.

DevOps has revolutionized workplaces in many ways. The number of DevOps-related jobs are increasing, while its rank as an in-demand job.

DevOps is important because it's a software development and operations approach that enables faster development of new products and easier maintenance of existing deployments.

In this Course you will learn all the needed DevOps/DevSecOps Skills and Tools needed for your Career You will learn all of the Below in one Course Only (This Ultimate Course):

  • What is DevOps Vs DevSecOps

  • Linux/Unix For DevOps and Developers

  • Learn Python From the Scratch

  • Make your own Ethical Hacking Tools In Python

  • Learn Cloud Services - AWS (Amazon Web Services)

  • Learn Continuous Integration And Continuous Delivery CI/CD - Jenkins

  • Learn Containerization Technology - Docker

  • Learn IAC (Infrastructure As Code) - AWS Cloud Formation

  • Learn IAC (Infrastructure As Code) - Terraform

  • Learn Continuous Monitoring - AWS CloudWatch

  • Learn Cyber Security Threats and the Best Practices

  • Learn Soft Skills for DevOps

  • Real World Scenarios with Practice Step-By-Step

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