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Twice Learning Python Programming Language (FREE E-BOOK) Coupon
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[25% Off] Twice Learning Python Programming Language (FREE E-BOOK) Course Coupon

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Become a python developer easily. Learn Python Programming deeply and detailed by Presentation and Coding.

3.0 hr
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Hello dear Students. Welcome to Twice Learning Python Programming Language.

The reason why the course name is “Twice learning Python programming”, is because you will learn 2 times. 90% of all topics are divided into 2 parts: Presentation and Coding parts. The other 10% of all topics are only the Presentation part or only the Coding part.

In the Presentation part: You will be introduced to the topic, and you will learn what is it, why do we use it, and so on. And, also you will see coding examples about that topic.

In the Coding part: the topic which is taught in the presentation part will be explained shortly again. And, you will learn how to use the taught method by writing Python codes.

Therefore, the course name is Twice Learning Python Programming.

But, if you know Python Programming a little bit and if you know about those topics, you may skip the presentation part of those topics. And, you can directly go to the coding part for learning to write codes in python.

However, if you want to learn Python Programming deeply and detailed, please watch the Presentation part and Coding part of all topics.

In this course, you will start to learn Python Programming from absolute 0.

That's why:

If you don't know: what is a Program, what is Programming or what are Programming Languages, or what is Python, and why do we use the Python Programming Language?

It is not a problem. Because you will learn everything in this course step by step and order by order.

And also, if you don't know English very well, it is okay.

Topics of this course are explained by basic English words. That's why it is fine if you don't know English very well.

All presentations are made as simple as possible. This course guarantees you will be a Python Programmer.

Currently, there are 28 Sections in this course. Inside 28 sections, you will learn:

  • What are Program, Programming, Programming Languages

  • What is Python and Why do we use Python

  • Python IDEs. To Install and use Jupyter Notebook and PyCharm

  • How to create and use .ipynb and .py files.

  • How to write codes in Python

  • Variables: how to create, how to use, and rules to declare and assign values to variables.

  • Data Types: Text, Numeric, Boolean, Sequence, Set, Dictionary

  • Data Conversion

  • How to write Comments

  • Operators: Arithmetic Operators, Assignment Operators, Comparison Operators, Logical Operators, Identity Operators, Membership   Operators

  • Python Statements

  • Loops: while and for loop

  • Arrays: String, List, Tuple, Set, Dictionary

  • Functions: def and lambda

  • Object-Oriented Programming

  • Classes and Objects

  • Polymorphism

  • Inheritance: Parent and Child classes

  • Scopes: local, enclosing, global

  • Error Handling: try, except, finally

  • Modules: Own Modules, Build-in Modules and External Modules

Course Bonus:

The Bonus of the Course is the Presentation book which has 28 sections and 411 pages. If you want, you can learn Python Programming through the Bonus book. It is very easy to understand all pages of the Bonus book. You will spend an average of 1 minute or 2 minutes to understand one page. But, the Bonus book will be explained in the presentation parts of this course.

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