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Travel Videography: Start Making Amazing Videos Coupon
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[-0% Off] Travel Videography: Start Making Amazing Videos Course Coupon

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How to Create Incredible Travel Videos and Vlogs

1.0 hr
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I have 20 years traveling around the world and in the last 3 years I started to film my adventures. I always wanted to do it, but something always stopped me to start. I was thinking that I didn't have the proper gear or that I didn't have the proper experience.

When I started filming and creating videos and vlogs I realized that I lost so many years of traveling thinking WRONG.

I started making videos with my phone and I will always regret why I didn't start before. I learned in the process, a had a lot of mistakes, videos that I am not very proud, haha. But with those mistakes I got better and better.

After more than 160 videos from different cities around the world I can say that I am an experienced Videographer.

This course is for you not to commit the same mistakes and for you to START making travel videos.

I will tell you everything that I did wrong and how is my workflow nowadays. I'll talk about gear and how to prepare for the trip.

Not only that, but I'll talk about composition and kinds of shots, tips to edit and more, much more.

I can't wait to see you in class.

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