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Traditional Chinese Medicine to Enhance Your Body’s Defenses Coupon
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[82% Off] Traditional Chinese Medicine to Enhance Your Body’s Defenses Course Coupon

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Natural solutions, herbal remedies & foods to boost the immune system and fight infections, colds, viruses & more

3.0 hr
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Traditional Chinese Medicine to Enhance Your Body’s Defenses  Learn how to BOOST your immune system with herbs, homeopathic remedies, holistic therapies and more

Taught by licensed acupuncturist, herbalist & author: Jeanie Mossa MS. LAc, an expert practitioner with more than 25 years experience treating humans and animals with TCM.

Learn how Traditional Chinese Medicine can help boost the immune system, help the body to fight pathogens, colds, viruses and other illnesses.

In this class we will cover basic Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theories of Yin & Yang, Qi & Blood.

You will also learn about the various therapies used in TCM and how they help the body:

  • How acupuncture can help keep you healthy (Please note you will not learn how to do acupuncture in this class!)

  • Acupressure is very useful and you will learn points and techniques to help you maintain health.

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine - You'll learn about herbs for flu, colds, immune system, anemia and fatigue

  • Tui Na Massage is a form of Chinese physical therapy. You'll learn how professionals use it and how you can do it on yourself.

  • Cupping is an ancient technique used for pain and for colds and flu. You'll learn more about this technique.

  • Moxibustion is the art of warming acupuncture points, very helpful for many ailments.

  • Lifestyle Tips based on TCM include ways to avoid colds and flu and keep your immune system strong.

  • Nutrition in TCM is different than Western nutrition. Learn more about this branch of TCM and how delicious foods can help keep you healthy.

I'll also talk briefly about other Holistic Therapies and how they can help the body heal and stay healthy:

  • Including Reiki, Massage, Polarity Therapy, Foot Reflexology, EFT Tapping, Sound Therapy - Singing bowls and Tuning forks

Special section: My COVID-19 Experience - How the herbs, remedies and therapies that helped me survive. This experience inspired this class. Please note this is my experience and not a class about COVID-19.

Please note: This is not a certification class.

This class is not a substitute for medical care or common sense!

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