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Top hidden time wasters & How to avoid wasting your time! Coupon
Personal Development

[25% Off] Top hidden time wasters & How to avoid wasting your time! Course Coupon

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How to avoid wasting time and get more done | Time management techniques and strategies that you can apply today!

3.0 hr
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If you are someone who finds it difficult to manage your time and don't know where your time goes, then this course is for you!

If you are consistently running out of time, there may be a few things that you are unknowing doing. In this course, we will cover what are the top hidden time wasters that the majority of people waste their time on.

In this course, I distill all of the content, strategies, techniques and skills that I acquired, developed and implemented to make myself more productive and to avoid wasting time. Implementing what is taught in this course will help you identify where you are wasting your time, how you can avoid wasting it and how you can become more productive!

Course Layout

1. Introduction

  • Introduction to the Course

2. Top hidden time wasters and how to avoid wasting your team!

  • Number 1: Meetings with no agenda

  • Number 2: Work that could be delegated elsewhere

  • Number 3: Planning but not executing

  • Number 4

  • Number 5

  • Number 6: Multitasking

  • Number 7

  • Number 8

  • Number 9: Not being organised

  • Number 10

  • Number 11

  • Number 12: Using too many apps for communication

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discover why you are not as productive as you could be

  2. Increase your productivity by implementing these strategies

  3. Discover and apply time-management and productivity strategies

  4. Become organised and manage things better

  5. Become better at time management

  6. Become more focused

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