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Timeboxing Time Management: For Procrastination & Perfectism Coupon
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[100% Off] Timeboxing Time Management: For Procrastination & Perfectism Free Course Coupon

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Timeboxing time management is commonly used in Agile and Scrum teams to help with efficiency, focus, and improved work

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Timeboxing is an advanced time management technique used by modern Agile development and Agile marketing teams as well as world-leading entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates - and soon, you too!


  • You'll be more organized

  • Your project will be better planned

  • It even primes your body and brain to release energy and be more focused (yes, it's true!)

  • Adds to team transparency

  • It helps relieve procrastination like regular calendaring, but also helps to not fall into perfectionism which can make projects fall behind

  • Have more accurate time estimates which help inform your overall business strategy

  • Be more flexible and adaptive

  • You'll work faster, and because of that, you'll evolve faster, and your team improves and learns faster

  • Faster release cycles tied to incremental improvements, and greater efficiency


The examples in this course range from a small timebox that spans just a few minutes, and as the course continues, you'll get examples of larger and larger timeboxes. This approach will make it simpler for you to learn this technique, and because you'll have plenty of examples, you'll be more likely to find an example that fits your needs.


Timeboxing isn't for everyone, and it's not to be used all the time. Just like any other tool, it's to be used with discretion, and you must have many different tools in your toolbox to be adaptable and effective. I'll explain which situations are ideal for Timeboxing, and which are not.

Invest in your future! Enroll today!

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