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Duration: 3.5 hours

Strategies to help you get over you procrastination and change your mindset with effective tools for great results

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This course has been designed keeping in mind the day to day workload that you might be handling and you are just not able to organize your tasks. Just when you try to use a system to create some order to the process you realize your day has gone by.

Making sure to balance your time productively with one of the most important yet, because you might be managing the most complicated situation when it comes to managing your personal and professional life. To have a successful career, good time management can help professionals accomplish the right amount of work, stay energized and maximize their career and personal potential. You might be experiencing challenges finding the right time management strategy. This course will help you with practical tools to overcome them.

The following are the aspects that I will cover in this course:

In the first session, I will cover the concepts and overview of the course to give you understanding of how to work with your issues. The next session will have details for the importance of time management, understanding mindset and handling stress with helpful tools that I explain with detailed worksheets and planners to be able to practically apply them to your work or personal time routine.

I also discuss the barriers and aspects of how some of the most common problems faced while trying to get your time more organized and the hindrances that you face, trying to deal with them. This section will help you identify these issues, so you can try and relate to the situations and be able to come out of them with my techniques that I share.

Tools and worksheets are very important to apply your learnings. Hence, I also share over 9 worksheets and planners along with worksheet discussions of these worksheets so you can effectively be able to use these PDF downloads to help you utilize the proven techniques that I have used in my leadership training and training 100's of managers in my career. I also have applied the popular Eisenhower Matrix, to help prioritize your tasks.

Finally, in the last section I discuss the work aspect. I help you apply the SWOT Analysis, and fundamentals of how to use the SMART Goals to your work productivity. I share my favorite color box method, which is a great technique to use for managing your multiple projects and being able to plan it seamlessly.

So come on and get started and I can't wait to share all these strategies to change your way of working!

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