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Time Management 4 Tweens & Teens Coupon
Personal Development

[79% Off] Time Management 4 Tweens & Teens Course Coupon

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Improve productivity & reduce stress

2.5 hr
15$ 69.99$
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In this class students will learn time management skills that will aid them to be much more productive and to minimize stress (if not eliminate it) around schoolwork, and chores.   They will leave this course having learned how to manage their time effectively, no longer entertaining distractions, cutting out multitasking and procrastination.   Students will learn how to manage their planners, to be organized, how to prioritize, to be strategic and consistent, and to re-frame their perspective regarding chores.

Included within this course are a couple bonuses!

Bonus #1: Breathing & visualization exercise - students will participate in a guided breathing and visualization exercise that will help teach them how to reduce their stress levels.

Bonus #2:  Negative self-talk class - students will learn how to manage their negative self-talk which is often the underlying cause leading to procrastination, being distracted, and attempting to multitask.  The goal is for students to work smarter, not necessarily harder, and to get more done (better quality of work done) in a given time-frame and to have extra time to just have fun! 

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