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TIBCO TB0-124 MDM 8 Solution Certified Practice Exam Coupon
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[-12% Off] TIBCO TB0-124 MDM 8 Solution Certified Practice Exam Course Coupon

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Attend this TIBCO TB0-124 MDM 8 Solution Certified Practice Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam

1.0 hr
190$ 169.99$
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Sample Questions

Q) Which statement is true for data import?

a) You may be initiated by the web services.

b) It may be initiated by FileWatcher.

c) It must be started via the GUI.

d) It creates a new version of the record when a duplicate is imported

Q) What are the three actions are supported in a kind of initialization Rulebase? (Choose three.)

a) spread some values of the child record attributes

b) fill a dropdown menu from a datasource

c) restrict access to the attributes / attribute groups

d) default values assigned to the attributes of a new record

e) create a SoftLink

Q) changes to the file "allmenu.xml" were modified to include access to TIBCO's MDM guidance files you be redeployed to make the User Manual available in the menu list?

a) ECM.war

b) EML.ear

c) ECM.ear

d) EML.war

Q) Which activity allows for the execution of a rule in a workflow?

a) evaluate subset

b) interpret command

c) Evaluate Rule Base

d) Identify Action Type

Q) TIBCO MDM supports two methods of integration of external systems? (Pick one.)

a) Java Messaging Service

b) Java Remote Method Invocation

c) web Services

d) Enterprise Java Beans

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