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TIBCO TB0-123 Active Matrix Business Works 5 Practice Exam Coupon
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[-89% Off] TIBCO TB0-123 Active Matrix Business Works 5 Practice Exam Course Coupon

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Attend this TIBCO TB0-123 Active Matrix Business Works 5 Practice Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam

3.0 hr
180$ 94.99$
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Sample Questions

Q) How can you remove all deployed process files from a domain before using it for testing?

a) manually delete deployed files and clean the OS registry

b) use the Administrator undeploy the process and delete the files

c) uninstall and reinstall the Administrator

d) use the Domain Utility to undeploy the application

Q) What is the purpose of Coercion when mapping?

a) to join two strings end to end

b) to split a string into two fields

c) to convert undefined data to a structured data type

d) to change the data type of already defined data

Q) An HTTP Receiver is overloaded and you with to throttle the number of incoming HTTP requests. What are two ways to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

a) use the bw.plugin.http.server.minProcessors property

b) set FlowLimit on the entire engine

c) use the bw.plugin.http.server.maxProcessors property

d) set FlowLimit for the particular process

Q) When do Rendezvous Subscribers operate in a load-balanced fashion?

a) when the appropriate server type is selected

b) when the appropriate transport type is selected

c) when Auto Client ID is not selected

d) when Acquire Exclusive Lock is checked

Q) ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks uses which HTTP server by default?

a) JBoss

b) Pramati

c) Tomcat

d) Geronimo

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