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The Unicorn 101 Coupon
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[25% Off] The Unicorn 101 Course Coupon

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A Mythology Course

1.0 hr
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Have you heard of the Alicorn? The Ki Rin or the Ki Lin? Did you know they were unicorns?

This course is dedicated to the mythological beast, The Unicorn. You will learn numerous facts about the unicorn in this course. For instance, did you know that it is believed where a unicorn walks, flowers appear? Did you know that unicorns prefer to live alone?

You will learn about the Ancient and Medieval unicorns. We will watch short video stories that tell some fables about these beasts. The stories include the Hunters and the Unicorn, the Lion and the Unicorn, The Wild People and the Unicorn, and Severe and the Unicorn.

You will learn about the magical abilities of the horn.  You will learn why this creature was hunted. You will learn about unicorns from around the world such as the Abada, The Ki Lin, Ki Rin, the Monoceros, Karkadann, and more! We will discuss the Alicorn or winged unicorn. We will also speak about the unicorn in today's culture.

We will even mention the Unicorn of the Sea. Can you guess what creature that is? It is still alive today and swimming in our oceans!

Come and take this fun and factual course on the legendary Unicorn. There are short quizzes and word searches for your entertainment. There are pictures to print and color as well as a short PDF with information on unicorns that come from my Mythological Creatures Book.

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