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The Ultimate Fashion Design Course Coupon

[-0% Off] The Ultimate Fashion Design Course Course Coupon

Updated: by Amr

The first and only Ultimate Course to teach fashion design from scratch to advance.

5.5 hr
20$ 19.99$
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Welcome to a complete Fashion design course, the only Arabic course of women fashion design.

In this course, you are going to learn about fashion design from zero to professional.

In the beginning, learning about mannequin drawing more than 10 different positions as front view, side view, back view and more positions to help us of drawing any fashion position.

In the end of the first section, I am going to provide you by different positions pictures that can be loaded or  printed out in three papers; you can use them in your fashion design without being late or re-draw them by yourself.

After that, we are going to draw clothes details as neckline, sleeves and then draw shirts, jackets in many ways.

Apart of this, draw skirts in different models and shapes plus pants in more than a shape.

Besides, we are going to learn how to draw wool, fur, cotton and feather to add them in any fashion design require details.

One of the importance lessons is wheel color to teach us how the designers are choosing colors in their fashion designs and how can we choose the colors in a harmony.

I will explain in a simplest and most effective way with simple steps to be memorized.

Last section is about complete fashion design clothing from zero to give a picture of how the fashion designs are working.

For example, designing a casual daily fashion, elegant evening dress, work suit, flared dress and white wedding dress.

The course lasts for 5 hours and a half, you will get your certificate after finishing the course

If you did not like the content, you will be refund after 30 days

Good luck designers and see you in the course.

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