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The ultimate entrepreneurship guide for digital leaders Coupon

[57% Off] The ultimate entrepreneurship guide for digital leaders Course Coupon

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#Digital leaders- Learn all the entrepreneurship & leadership practices to launch successfull businesses & startups

2.5 hr
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Entrepreneurship has become one of the most trendy and popular subjects nowadays. The need for "gaining more control" over our time, money, and being the creator of our lives instead of "following a predefined path" has lead to the rising of many entrepreneurial projects and the discovery of many entrepreneurial aspirations and ingenuity.

However, despite those stats, we still have at least 22%  of startups failing to pass their 1st year on average, and 50% their first 5 years of operations. And most of the projects that fail, are rarely due to "a lack of innovation only" or "a lack of funding only", a "bad management practices only", etc.  Usually, the main reason that the world retains when a startup project fails, represents just the top of the iceberg but certainly not the root cause that explains the failure.

So, starting a business is huge, but leading a business in the digital age is a FREAKING thing to do!

Everything is changing so fast, the rules of the business game, the markets trends, the customers habits, the type of innovations needed, etc. and no one would argue about the fact that launching and running a business today is completely different than in 1994 when Jeff Bezos created Amazon, or even in 2012 when Melanie Perkins created Canva.

And in order to be able to follow up with this speed and complexity and leverage the power of the digital era, entrepreneurs must find a way to move from "just having the business idea part" into "having the business idea and being able to lead and manage all the aspects of an entrepreneurial project to achieve the desired goal".

To put it simply, if you want to have successful digital businesses today, you need to master the art of "entrepreneurial leadership" and embody the role of an "entrepreneurial leader" in an authentic and genuine way: YOUR OWN WAY.

And that's what You're going to learn in this course :

  • The core concepts of leadership, entrepreneurial leadership, and the most famous attributes for successful entrepreneurial leaders

  • Unveil the myth about the entrepreneurial leadership concept

  • How to set yourself up to unlock your own entrepreneurial leadership style

  • How to define a business vision, mission, and the value creation process and channels as an entrepreneurial leader

  • How to tune your mindset and start thinking like an entrepreneurial leader

  • How to navigate uncertainties and turn them into opportunities

  • How to develop a resilient and resourceful mindset

  • How to become a "business distributor instead aside from a product innovator"

  • How to craft a business culture and sustain it

You will be ready to face and tackle any situation regardless of its complexity and you'll go from 0 to hero in no time.


This course contains many examples of successful entrepreneurial leaders and projects used for the only purpose of illustrating the concepts presented. We do not promote any brand or market any tool.

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