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The Ultimate Dog Obedience Training Course Coupon

[92% Off] The Ultimate Dog Obedience Training Course Course Coupon

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Duration: 1.5 hours

Train a "Good Dog" in Less Than 3 Weeks!

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Learn the same training techniques, my team and I use at My Doodle Dog Training. Train your dog with techniques that work for their specific temperament. Train with Reward Based Positive Training. We'll go over the essential obedience commands, house training techniques, and behavior corrections for biting, barking, digging and more.

The only thing you need to come to this class with is a positive attitude, patience, and a willingness to stick with your dog's training a few short sessions a day for a few short weeks. Using reward and repetition, your dog will be obeying your commands in no time and learning the rules of the home to adapt them to a better living environment!

What we will cover:

  • The fundamentals: Learn how to get started by understanding your dogs temperament and how to build trust which will result in much more effective training.

  • Training preparation: Begin training the right way by learning how to create a controlled environment and the supplies needed to increase the control you have during your sessions.

  • Essential Obedience Commands: Learn the most essential obedience commands that you can use every day and how to use reward and repetition to condition these commands over the next coming weeks.

  • House Training: Learn how to create the perfect environment and condition to house train your dog and introduce them to the crate as their sanctuary.

  • Behavior Correction: Learn how to train for behavior correction like barking, biting, chewing, jumping, and more.

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