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The Ultimate : Digital System Design ( Module - 1) Coupon
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[82% Off] The Ultimate : Digital System Design ( Module - 1) Course Coupon

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Digital Circuits, Digital Logic Design, Switching Theory and Logic Design , Digital Electronics, logic Gates

3.0 hr
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This Course deals with the basic number system ( types of number system, conversions, BCD code, Gray code, Excess-3 code and binary data representation) .

This Course Explains Boolean operations, Sum Of Product and Product Of Sum, Boolean theorems and Logic Gates(NAND,NOR).

This course deals with Boolean expression simplification methods ( K-MAP and tabulation method )

you will learn:

1. Number Systems, Conversions, Gray code, BCD code,Excess-3 code, Binary Data Representation, different Binary codes.

2. Boolean Algebra : Boolean Theorems, SOP & POS, Venn diagrams, Duality Theorem, De-Morgan's Theorem, residue theorem, absorption theorem.  ( The concept of Boolean algebra was first introduced by George Boole in his book, The Mathematical Analysis of Logic, and further expanded upon in his book, An Investigation of the Laws of Thought. Since its concept has been detailed, Boolean algebra's primary use has been in computer programming languages. Its mathematical purposes are used in set theory and statistics.)

3. Logic Gates : AND,OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, EX-OR, EX-NOR Gates, Design of digital circuits using NAND gates and NOR Gates, Implementation of all the gates using NAND & NOR gates. ( Logic gates are the basic building blocks of any digital system. It is an electronic circuit having one or more than one input and only one output. The relationship between the input and the output is based on a certain logic ).

4. K-Map( 2 - variable, 3 - variable, 4 - variable ). A Karnaugh map (K-map) is a pictorial method used to minimize Boolean expressions without having to use Boolean algebra theorems and equation manipulations. A K-map can be thought of as a special version of a truth table .

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