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The transition from Waterfall to Agile Strategies Coupon

[50% Off] The transition from Waterfall to Agile Strategies Course Coupon

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1.0 hr
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Let’s say that you start working as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach in a new company and your first job would be moving your company from traditional to agile software development methodologies.

In this course, we will talk about that so you can have a clearer picture and exact steps on how to do Transition from Waterfall to Agile because making the change to the Scrum Framework is not simple. Many organizations have tried and failed. We do not need to reinvent the wheel, there are patterns for success that should be leveraged.

So, I’ve outlined these patterns that have led to success as well as pointed out some of the common traps that others have fallen into.

Though there is no one perfect pattern, by following these guidelines and running small experiments, you too can successfully navigate the change from what you are doing today to success with Agile and Scrum.

Course content:

Lesson 01: Introduction to module

Lesson 02: We need evidence of success – A Case Study

Lesson 03: Differences in project management - Agile vs. Waterfall

Lesson 04: Habits from traditional environments you need to watch out for

Lesson 05: Why traditional project management techniques are still so prevalent

Lesson 06: Differences between traditional and agile on how to maintain your teams

Lesson 07: Rewards for traditional Project Managers working with Agile projects

Lesson 08: SIMILARITIES - the Traditional World and the Agile

Lesson 09: Project manager characteristics who is going to be successful with agile

Lesson 10: Productive thinking, advances, and challenges about agile

Lesson 11: The State of Agility - Benefits of organizational Agility

Lesson 12: TIPS to Manage a Transition from Waterfall to Agile

Lesson 13: TIPS for transitioning Clients to an Agile Process

Lesson 14: 4 Ways to Ease the Transition from Waterfall to Agile

Lesson 15: TIPS to Increase Agility in your organization

Lesson 16: How to Choose the Right Agile Framework

Lesson 17: Conclusion

Are you ready, let’s go?

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