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Improving your skills | All topics included | Practical exercises | Explanations

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Nowadays, every business owner should know the main concepts and the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The main reason is that without knowing the main concepts, you are never going to be able to manage your online business, and let the search engines to love your site. Even if you are not a SEO specialist, only the owner of your own business, you should know the main concepts of Search Engine Optimization.

But knowing the basics is still not enough! There are several tricks & tips, that you should know, if you would like to be a SEO specialist. This course is designed for everybody, who wants to practice a little or wants to learn about SEO. Some of the course coverages are: 

  • SEO basics, the main concepts

  • Search Engine in general

  • Inner link structure and backlinks

  • On-site SEO, On-page SEO 

  • Special elements, like robots.txt and sitemap.xml

This course is designed for everybody, who would like to learn about SEO. The course uses a practice-orientated approach: we try to focus on these topics and elements, that are common in real situations. The course mainly uses a quiz-based approach, for testing yourself.

What does this course offer? 

  • questions with detailed explanations, in a well-organized manner

  • all topics of SEO are included

  • common situations, with simple solutions

  • for beginners and experienced online marketers- for improving yourself

Good luck! The WebTech team

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