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How to Get Genuine Kindle Book Reviews - Simple Methods That Work - Stop Doing it Wrong and Increase Your Results
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Ian Stables
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[100% Off] Ultimate Way to Get Kindle Book Reviews… That Sell Udemy Coupon

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Get the type of reviews that really sell books.

You’ve no doubt seen all the different methods for getting book reviews. Some are highly risky to your Amazon account. There are methods that promise a boat load of reviews in a short space of time.

All of these methods may well get you book reviews. However, there is a problem:

The resulting reviews are often not compelling.

I’m sure you’ve read these type of reviews. They are often written by someone who has not read the whole book. They probably had no personal interest in the content.

These reviews are not as convincing as a genuine reader review. It’s the difference between someone bubbly over great a movie they enjoyed and another who hasn’t watch it.

I too was seduced by the promise of these review methods. They usually involved some sort of inducement or persuasion to leave a review. In most cases, it was obvious the person had not read the whole book.

I mean: how can you genuinely recommend something you haven’t read?

There are better ways. Since I’ve used them, the reviews have been much more persuasive in getting people to read my books. In this course, I will teach you these few simple tried and tested methods.

I will show you:

– Why reviews affect your book sales.

– Things you should never do that risk your Amazon account.

– Why forced reviews don’t get persuasive reviews.

– The effective way to increase natural reviews.

– A great way to increase the usual review count.

– The highly  effective way to get reviews on new books.

– The key to five star reviews.

– How many reviews you really need. (This may surprise you.)

– How to improve your results from negative reviews.

– What never to do about negative reviews.

Enroll now and let me show you how to get the type of reviews that will increase your book sales.

Instructors: Ian Stables

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