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Discover How The Property Market Works And The Cutting-Edge Strategies That Will Allow You Ride The Cycle Profitably
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Svetoslav Deltchev
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[100% Off] When is the Best Time to Invest in Property Udemy Coupon

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Have you seen the movie “Back to the Future”? You know that the whole story evolved around an almanac with sport results for several years in a row. Wow, if you could also have an almanac like this you would take advantage of it and become rich. And now imagine the almanac could predict the results only with 90% accuracy. Would you still want it? And what if the accuracy is only 80%? Would it have any value for you? Probably you would go for it anyway and give it a try. Right? Everybody would like to have a crystal ball even if it is not accurate all the time.

What if I tell you that I could give you something similar like this almanac? It’s a kind of a crystal ball that will allow you to foresee the future. It won’t be fair to claim 100% accuracy and I would not do this, but it is a kind of statistics that has proven valid for the last 237 years. I will leave the judgement for you, if it is worth or not. The only thing you should do is to take this course and learn about the Property Cycle and its specifics. In combination with the other advantages of the real estate market you will get pretty much predictable market pattern that will open your eyes for the opportunities that lies in front of you.

Yes, the real estate market is that good! You can’t even imagine. It is not coincident that most rich people keep their money in real estate. Now you will understand why they do so?

But first things first. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Svetoslav Deltchev and as you have already understood I am a big fan of real estate. I am studying the functioning of this market for years and I am honestly fascinated by the many advantage the real estate offers to the investors. Most of these advantages are unique and can’t be found on other markets. One such advantage is the existence of a stable and pretty much predictable market pattern. It enables the investors to create profitable market strategies and realize good profits. I have used it personally in the last more than 13 years to achieve financial freedom for myself and to realize huge profits for my employers.

In the course we will start from the general understanding of the market and we will go deeper in the specifics of the property market to identify the best time to enter the market.

The course consists of four sections and they cover the following topics:

· The three theories that explain the economic cycles in general

· Cyclical change vs Structural change

· How long is the Property Cycle (which is essential part of the crystal ball mechanism)

· Tell the three phases of the Property Cycle, so you could decide WHEN to enter the market and when to exit it.

· The 7 direct market drivers that affect the demand and supply of properties and their prices (another component of the crystal ball mechanism)

· The 3 indirect market drivers

· The emotions that force the players on the market to act irrationally

· The #1 indicator that will give you away the current phase of the property cycle

· The types of real estate that are not so severely impacted by the property cycle

· Detailed look at the BOOM phase and the 8 signs of it

· Detailed look at the DEPRESSION and the 8 signs of it

· Detailed look at the RECOVERY and the 8 signs of it

· The time of the “zero down” schemes and how to protect ourselves

· The 2 general types of real estate income

· The long-term real estate strategies are the safest ones

· The top 7 defense strategies against turbulences on the market

· And much more….

And now, you may ask me:


The direct answer is “Of course”. As you will learn in the course the two prerequisites for the appearance of the Property Cycle is the existence of free financial sector (can you take a mortgage loan from your bank?) and a free real estate market (are you allowed to buy a real estate?).

The crystal ball is working, don’t worry about it. The only point is whether you will use it. It depends on you.


“This course is exceptional and eye opening for a beginner like me. I still haven’t invested because I still need a lot of guidance on how to practically do the things he describes in my markets of interest. But if you don’t have good knowledge on real-estate I highly recommend this course.”


“Awesome course! I have learned so much from this course. I would advise everyone to take it, even if they think they know it all. What a great teaching tool! I was able to refresh knowledge I needed to be reminded of. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their intermediate property investment skills. All beginners must take it wherever you live. I am located in Canada.”


“This course is instructive and complete with valuable information on how property cycles function and how to invest/or time your investment strategy. The course lays a very good foundation on understanding the foundational elements that make up and drive a property cycle. The instructor encourages a would-be investor to continually expand his/her knowledge on the elements and dynamics of the functionality of a property cycle(s) impacting their target area(s) of investment. The course also offers some basic but brief investment strategies, including defense strategies, for investing in real estate. One could argue, it is “common sense” but for new investors, I believe it adds value to the course. For experienced investors, it serves as a nice reminder.”


I just want to remind you that Udemy is granting you anyway 30 days guarantee, so you don’t take any risk right now. Enroll in the course right now and check by yourself if the crystal ball is working or not.

It’s your decision! Act quickly because the market is moving…. Tick, tack…. Are you part of it or you will just observe it? It’s your call! Enroll now risk free!

I wish you successful investing

Svetoslav Deltchev

Instructors: Svetoslav Deltchev

Offer Added by: Saad Merie

I am a civil engineer, blogger, and master student in construction management. Owner and Manager of Real.discount

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