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The Mind-Body Approach to Mastering Type 2 Diabetes Coupon
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[-220% Off] The Mind-Body Approach to Mastering Type 2 Diabetes Course Coupon

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Your Ultimate Kick-Start Guide To Restoring Blood Sugar Levels Naturally: Meals, Mindset, Meditation, Movement & More!

2.5 hr
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With a look at food, herbs, spices, supplements, movement, wellness therapies and much more – this is one of the most complete introductory courses available if you want to learn natural and holistic ways to master your type 2 diabetes.

If you’re tired of looking through information you are not sure you can trust, this course is perfect for you.

This course does not go into how you got diabetes or signs of diabetes. This goes beyond and teaches you the how-to action steps that can positively impact your blood sugar levels today and for the rest of your life. This is your next step in truly moving forward.

This isn’t just another diabetes course about food. In fact my course is about educating , empowering and inspiring you to achieve balanced blood sugar levels and desirable A1C results with safe, proven and easy to adopt diabetes friendly solutions. It includes mindset-mindshift, lowering stress, movement, balanced meals, wise food choices, herbs, spices, supplements, and more. You will learn the simple strategies and tools to help you reclaim your energy, boost your immune system and healing and add quality years back to your life.

Learn By Following:
This course is filled with tips, tools, techniques and actionable steps that you can apply right away. Results often occur the same day you apply them.

If you’re looking for expert advice, resources, how tos and inspiration, that’s exactly what we’re serving up in this course!

Important Note:
This course is meant to give you a powerful overview of various principles that you might never have tried or heard of before. As an overview/introduction, it does NOT go deep into the topics. In keeping the course general, you will get a better overview of various topics you may choose to explore in more depth. We thus encourage you to leave a comment (vote) on which of the modules and lessons you found the most helpful so we can help you with more in-depth courses in the future.

Course Goals:
My goals are in educating , inspiring and empowering you with safe, proven and simple solutions that can help you create balance in your body, lower (and even eliminate) internal inflammation and lower and rebalance your blood sugar levels so you can begin to immediately feel your best self.

You will learn my top diabetes friendly best self-care practices on how to restore your blood sugar levels and manage your diabetes naturally, including lessons such as:

  • Foods that stabilize blood sugar levels

  • Diabetes superfoods

  • Which food are your best allies and which foods are triggers

  • How to make sense of the glycemic index and how to choose the best foods, to restore your blood sugars quickly

  • Top supplements everyone with diabetes should be taking

  • Diabetes friendly movements and exercise tips, acupressure, other natural remedies and even self-hypnosis tips!

PLUS I’ve added FREE downloads for you to keep!

  • The Top 5 Vitamins To Enhance Your Immune System With Diabetes eBook

  • Personal Diabetes Wellness Journal

  • Kick Stress To The Curb For Good eBook (top 10 strategies for eliminating stress)

  • Breathing Affirmations guide

Your Course Guide:
You’re about to get help from a holistic diabetes wellness expert! Cheryl is excited to show you the missing pieces to achieving your best results, getting into the optimal zone with diabetes, and staying there for life. Say goodbye to spikes and hello to feeling energized, naturally and holistically.

Cheryl Ivaniski: Wellness Authority, Dr. Holistic Medicine, Empowerment & Mind-Set Coach, Holistic Diabetes Coach and 5 X International Best Selling Author. Please review the instructor bio for more!

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