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The Method to Master French Pronunciation in 2023 Coupon
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[25% Off] The Method to Master French Pronunciation in 2023 Course Coupon

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Go From Complete Beginner to Fluent in French - Extensive Pronunciation Practices - Get Feedback in a Free 1-on-1 lesson

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Do you need to master French pronunciation?

Each person faces different problems regarding learning French.

  • Maybe you’re living in France and can’t communicate smoothly enough in French for your everyday life: being understood by friends, relatives, café and restaurant staffs

  • Maybe you’re a student and dream to apply for exciting positions in one of the leading French companies like L’Oréal, Chanel, Danone, but feel like you’ll never pass the job interviews because of your French speaking abilities

  • Or maybe you’re already working in a French company and not being able to get the same career opportunities as your colleagues who speak French confidently is a colossal point of frustration for you

You'd like to acquire [ Natural French Pronunciation],  but you don't have the right method to acquire French pronunciation skills, you don’t know where to start, and how to both enjoy learning French pronunciation and make effective progress.

Is this leading to one of these problems?

  • You’re discouraged and think French is too difficult for you

  • You feel you're wasting time using applications and languages courses that actually apply no proven method at all, that demoralize you with unapplicable or imprecise pronunciation tips, dozens of complex rules and no professional guidance on how to correct your mistakes

  • Your pronunciation and listening skills are weak so taking tests like the DELF stresses you out

  • You are afraid on missing out on career opportunities in French companies such as leaders in the luxury, cosmetic or food industries (LVMH,L’Occitane, Evian...)

  • You are feeling ashamed to start a conversation in French, and thus can't communicate with French-speaking colleagues, friends or relatives

  • You develop a mental block when in conversations and panic when a French speaker talks to you

All these issues are stopping you from communicating smoothly in French.

We created this course to help.

To get around your problem, you usually need 3 things:

1. A straight-to-the point, time-optimizing method to practice and acquire all 36 French sounds

2. You need a system that teaches you how to pronounce these sounds in French words and sentences, preferably a system customized for English speakers like you (whether you are a native English speaker or not), so you can learn effortlessly and fast

3. And last, you need to get opportunities to practice and see a large range of pronunciation mistakes corrected by a bilingual  pronunciation & accent reduction instructor , so you can become aware of mistakes you’re making and know how to correct them

3 things which most people who need natural French pronunciation simply don't have.

This usually results in the problems below. Is any point in the following list an obstacle you're facing too?

  • Your pronunciation and listening skills are weak so you are shying away from taking career(life)-changing tests like the DELF

  • You are missing out on career opportunities in French companies such as leaders in the luxury, cosmetic or food industries (LVMH, Danone, L'Oréal...)

  • You might not be accepted in the school or university program you need to enter.

  • You will also be disadvantaged when taking job interviews compared to candidates speaking smooth French, and struggle when applying for Visas, permanent residency, or citizenship.

  • You can’t get the promotion you’d otherwise deserve in a company and might start resenting your current position.

  • You will possibly miss salary raises and achieving the dreams that go with them: work an exciting job, attend amazing events, live off your passion, travel throughout and evolve confidently in the French-speaking world.

  • Not to mention: being unable to speak French smoothly generally means extra stress in French-speaking countries:

    - You are feeling ashamed to start a conversation in French, and thus can't communicate with French-speaking colleagues, friends or relatives.

    - You will feel more and more isolated from French-speaking friends, relatives and colleagues when they start conversations together, because you can't grasp fast French

To remedy these issues, you could try to:

  • Keep studying by yourself, using unproven methods

  • Use some applications that give you some practices but do not explain how to pronounce NATURAL French

And after a few weeks of using these methods,

You could be in that lucky scenario:

You are able to say somewhat understandable basic French phrases. You've become a speaker who can communicate in basic French situations, but native French speakers won't understand your French without a couple repetitions.

Or you could be that unlucky scenario:

Your method didn’t work. You lost your motivation, so you wind up thinking you'll never be able to speak French naturally, and you always feel like an outsider in a French-speaking group. You've had enough so you give up and will always rely on other people's help and Google translate to communicate when in French-speaking parties and events, and you will never develop deeper work or personal relationships with French speakers.

These are super common problems faced by most students of French.

That's why we created:

A simple yet sophisticated step-by-step method to master French pronunciation.

It is designed to:

Let you to master the 36 sounds you need to be able to say any French word. You will overcome your fear to speak French by pronouncing words confidently, knowing French speakers will understand you.

You will be able to gain a lot of motivation to continue to learn other areas of French like vocabulary and grammar.

And help you to become able to communicate smoothly in French at a native-speaker-like level of pronunciation.

But before I tell you about this method, let me introduce myself: I am Adrien, a professional French instructor with 10 years of experience in the field, having worked in Australia, Japan and Paris.

When I first moved to Australia 12 years ago, I didn’t speak a single word of English, I had only studied vocabulary and grammar. The root cause for my inability to speak was pronunciation. I could read words in my head, but I didn’t know how to say them.

So I understand the problems you are facing, and how difficult it is to acquire and maintain your pronunciation skills in a second* language. (*or third or more)

In my professional life, I have taught more than 10 000 one-on-one lessons, working on student's speech abilities every single day to help them get to perfection.

Besides my lessons, I studied French, English (and even Japanese) phonology and linguistics. I used those skills to develop this course.

By applying the techniques taught in this course:

You will be able to boost your scores in the speaking & listening sections of the DELF

You will be able to finally enjoy evolving independently in French-speaking cities, attend events, get more integrated in companies, groups of friends or families

You will be able to break your mental block and start speaking French with confidence in your daily life

So, How does this course work?

Step 1: Let's learn how to pronounce the 26 letters of the French alphabet + solve the mysteries of all the peculiar French letters (ç, à, é… )

Step 2: [Face Work out] Acquire the 36 native French sounds by checking how to move your mouth for each sound

Step 3: Discover & Master the 6 secret French pronunciation rules

Step 4: Actors, say your lines! Let’s work on everything: sounds, rhythm, liaisons, intonation... like Hollywood actors practicing their lines

Let's avoid encountering these :

  • Fearing taking tests like the DELF because of your French pronunciation skills

  • Missing out on career opportunities in French companies such as leaders in the luxury, cosmetic or food industries (LVMH, Danone, L'Oréal...)

  • Feeling ashamed to start a conversation in French, and thus not being able to communicate with French-speaking colleagues, friends or relatives.

Last, I’d like to mention that this course is completely risk free, as it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

You can take a free preview of some of the lectures, or you can join us directly inside the course where the step-by-step method is ready to help you become a natural French speaker.

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