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The Complete Sales MBA: 10 Sales Skills Courses in 1 Coupon
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[82% Off] The Complete Sales MBA: 10 Sales Skills Courses in 1 Course Coupon

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Accredit Yourself With the Sales Skills MBA - All There is to Know on Ethical Sales (Scripts, Examples, Pitchdecks inc.)

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This course offers you everything you need to know about sales skills - 10 courses in 1 course, your complete guide to sales and persuasion.

THE BUYING CODE - ethical sales skills for persuasion and influence

Over the past 5 years, modern brain research has made it possible to understand exactly how decision making works in the brain. It’s a delicate balance between dopamine and neurepinephrine, 2 neurotransmitters that gets people to chase something, to want the deal and to sign the sales contract.

Being able to harness these powers in the real world, you would understand exactly how to present your ideas and products so that customers are most likely to purchase them.

Today, however, consumer choices have changed so that the old pressure sales techniques do not work any more – through the internet, consumers have more power than 30 years ago and they despise nothing more than hard-charging salesmen wo’rking with fake scarcity and sleazy sales lingo.

Instead, they get your info, then google a cheaper alternative online - squeezing you out of your margins. People hate to be sold but love to buy. Sales is dead, long live buying.

So if you were able to harness the mechanisms at play in the human mind that trigger the desire to buy, you could flip your sales call into a buying call. Instead of selling your product, they would get curious to BUY it – that changes everything. You don’t chase them, they chase you. And the social status hierarchy flips over.

  • "Excellent Course as usual ! Really happy to attend this course - Thank you" - Wojciech

Value proposition

This course, THE BUYING CODE is dedicated to the question how to do that. It taps into what Netflix series uses to keep you hooked. It is deeply rooted in brain research AND it is already used by tech giants like APPLE to create anticipation ahead of the launch of the IPHONE, but most of all: it can work for you, you don’t need to be apple to make use of science in deal-making.

Startups who implemented THE BUYING CODE have seen their revenues increase up to 142% within 45 days. More important than the numbers is however the transformation that takes place within you. All you have to do is sit back and watch these videos. Noobs become pros not because they changed anything about themselves but because they understood the code and work it to their advantage.

  • "From 17th January to 20th January I had sold five packages. Those are three working days. Last year, this time, I sold five packages in a two months. It's true that I am improving myself by the time, but I also think that this is an incredibly great result made after Stefan's lessons. Thank you so much for creating this course." Sonja S

About myself

My name is Stefan, I have been studying and applying sales and persuasion for the last 14 years with a focus on software and analytics solutions, been working with companies in the energy sector, in lobbying and analytics.

As a company owner myself I was blown away when I stumbled across an article by harvard professor Gardiner Morse a few years ago. And I realized how latest brain research could be applied in business just as the potential for pick-up art had been discovered in social science a decade earlier.

Last year, I left my 6-figure job at an energy firm to teach exactly how to do that.



Rather than using hard-charging influence skills and sales lingo that chases people away, tap into modern brain research to understand what people really want - they love to buy products. This course explores the psychological triggers and how to use them to make your product, idea or service a success on the market.

The Buying Code consists of 10 modules that take you by the hand every step of the way, so you can copy-paste the system for your own products, services and ideas

After taking this course, you will be able to

- Understand the psychology behind any buying decision (SECTION 1)

- Using storytelling for lead generation (SECTION 2)

- Employ body language & tonality in support of your message (SECTION 3)

- Introduce yourself like an expert, leveraging high status (SECTION 4)

- Pitch your product without being salesy and needy (SECTION 5)

- Adapt your pitch to cater to different personality types (SECTION 6)

- Master the inner game of persuasion and influence (SECTION 7)

- End the pitch in with high status, getting them to chase you (SECTION 8)

- Handle any objection (SECTION 9)

- Cement the system and implement it in your life (SECTION 10)

  • "The course is very intuitive and loaded with knowledge. It is great to see that you implement examples that people can relate to." - Tony Knight

That's exactly what you get. Not more, not less. Anyways, I don’t know if I´m smart or just lucky but since the pandemia my business has exploded, and that really cuts into my available time. But offering a course and supporting my students with questions, trainings etc. means there is a limit of students I can work with.

In other words, I am choosy who I work with. I don’t want to work with anyone who starts this course and never follows through. I don’t want to have to kick out of the island later on but I will if I have to. So I need you to make a decision. “Is this the right course for me?” Go through the preview videos and decide. Its your decision but if you decide it is, I need you to follow through with this course.

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