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The Complete Mathematics Software Developer Course for 2021 Coupon
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[87% Off] The Complete Mathematics Software Developer Course for 2021 Course Coupon

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Duration: 3.0 hours

All Mathematics You Need To Know As a Programmer

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This course covers all Mathematics needed to become Software Developer. Here we will discuss Linear Algebra, Modern Analysis, Mathematical Logic, Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics. By the end of this course you will be able to analyze and describe computer science concepts and methods. This course is a great opportunity for you to gain deep understanding of all processes a executed in the computer system when programming. The specific objectives of the course are the following:

  1. Learn how to apply proof techniques to your computer program.

  2. Learn encrypting and decrypting messages with Number Theory.

  3. Learn how the software development is related to Discrete Mathematics and Digital Electronics.

  4. Understand how to use mathematical tools to properly analyze any computer algorithm.

  5. Learn how to apply Calculus, Probability Theory and Linear Algebra while computing.

  6. Understand how to apply Lambda Calculus to Functional Programming.

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