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The Complete Cinematic Underwater City for Metaverse and NFT Coupon

[25% Off] The Complete Cinematic Underwater City for Metaverse and NFT Course Coupon

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Modeling 3D Metaverse and NFT Projects, Learn to Create Profitable Cinematic, Fantastic Crypto Art Film With Blender 3D

3.0 hr
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Hello my dear students,

In this course we will model a Magnificent, Cinematic 3D Underwater City with you. In this Course, we will start a practice-based learning process by jumping into modelling practices with Blender. Working with Realistic Textures, we'll let you gain Expertise-level Blender skills! Of course, we will first get to know the Blender 3D program, then we will make excellent models. This course is an excellent resource for anyone who loves to learn and wants to advance the field of 3D modelling. 3D modelling is mainly used in animation movies, games, VFX (Visual Effects) creation, NFT collections and Metaverse Projects. Blender, on the other hand, is one of the incredible software that can do great work in all these areas. Plus Blender is completely FREE!

We will learn to design 3D scenes, which are the most important part of science fiction, action and thriller-themed productions that look like a fantastical land you watch in movies, and at the same time look realistic. And of course, the best advantage is that you always have the opportunity to contact me and forward your questions while you learn new information in my courses.

In this lesson, we will create models for NFT and Metaverse projects with Blender 3D, one of the 3D modelling programs.

Now if you're ready, let's move on to the most frequently asked questions.

What is NFT?

The technology known as NFT, that is, Non-Fungible Token, proves the belonging of a picture, video, the sound or physical entity it represents. In other words, it helps us to own all virtual content. As a matter of fact, this technology is not so new, NFTs, whose foundations were laid in Ethereum in 2017, have become one of the most popular topics in the crypto money industry in 2021.

After completing this course, you will receive a certificate of attendance for completing the course!

So what is the difference between NFTs?

Friends, NFTs cannot be divided, reproduced or repeated. In other words, content produced and sold in this way cannot be thousands like cryptocurrencies. Every NFT is special and therefore carries great meaning. The uniqueness of NFTs makes them much, much more meaningful. For example, cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH can be transferred by dividing them into fractions, while NFT is bought and sold alone as a whole.

So how are NFTs produced?

As it is known, NFTs are produced according to the ERC-721 token standard prepared by Ethereum developers. NFT trading can be carried out on special platforms established for NFTs by avoiding the intense code complexity of the IT world.

NFT is a digital asset so you need a digital blockchain wallet for that. For this, the widely used METAMASK wallets can be preferred. We have covered the METAMASK wallet setup in detail in our courses. We invite everyone who does not want to miss the train on NFTs to our platform. After you upload the file you want to print as NFT to the IPFS system via these platforms, you need to provide some information for this NFT. You should write information such as NFT sales price, name, number. Once the transaction is complete, your content is transferred to the relevant wallet and saved on your preferred blockchain network.

How can I get NFT?

You can buy and sell NFTs on special platforms prepared for this.

What are NFT sales types?

NFTs are usually sold as eth. Some NFT manufacturers sell their NFTs by auction, while others set a direct selling price for the new one.

In which sectors is NFT used?

In almost all current technologies, a place is reserved for NFT content. NFTs are sometimes used as a ticket when registering, when logging in, and sometimes as a reward or tool in games. In fact, some NFT communities may impose an obligation to buy NFT as a condition to help each other, so people who want to help by joining the community and get support from people who are more experienced than themselves can pay comfortably for only 1 NFT up to 20 thousand dollars.

Is NFT an investment?

I think absolutely yes because in one way or another you are paying for a digital piece of art. You can buy and sell this work on the NFT marketplace. The rarity of the piece in your hand multiplies its value.

What impact will NFTs have on the Future?

NFTs are a technology focused on solving the intellectual property problem. As you know, the future is built on the Blockchain network, and we can say that this network is the ground floor of the world of the future. The systems established years ago on this ground now enrich this field by bringing the technology of ownership. Just as there are land sales in METAVERSE technologies, the importance of immutable tokens in this field is proven exponentially day by day.

With its programmable feature, the first producer of the work on all platforms can determine the royalty fee from each purchase and sale while the work is in circulation. In this way, the fee determined when the sale is made can be transferred directly to the seller's account.

What are the most notable sales of recent times?

Beeple (Mike Winkelmann) has sold a collage of his works for $69.4 million at auction by the auction house Christie's. Lebron James' slam dunk video NFT sold for $77,000 via the NBA Top Shot app. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's tweet was bought by a Turkish person for $2.9 million.

There are millions of sales transactions like this. The basic stages of NFT projects are quality information, quality content, quality marketing and proper function. It is the quality that sets it apart from the others that pave the way for an NFT to find buyers. This is where we step in. We enable you to gain expertise by teaching you the 3D basics. In this way, you will be able to create quality works with the knowledge and skills you have acquired.

What will we add to you?

Our courses will not only give you NFT training but also provide 3D modelling training. In this way, you can easily use it in animation movies, games, NFTs, and Metaverse projects.

Hello, I am happy to tell you that our course is regularly updated simultaneously with the blender versions.

I need to briefly explain to you what you can do with Blender 3D and how your skills improve rapidly as you work with it.

I plan and publish all my courses in a targeted manner. So, I present you with practical tips and modeling techniques so that there is no crowd of information and no waste of time. You can use all the tools you model in this course as a 3D Metaverse model in Metaverse applications and games. You can also browse my 3D character modeling course for NFT and Metaverse that I published on Udemy before and learn in detail how to render the assets you have created. Although the concepts of Metaverse, NFT and Crypto have just entered our agenda, they have the potential to respond to the very important demands of humanity. It is certain that the whole world needs investment and qualified manpower in this field, and there will be more. My courses will help you with practical and non-confusing specific information. And that will make me very happy to have students who are building the world of the future. Metaverse, NFT and digital art technology is an important and highly lucrative opportunity for aspiring designers.

First of all, it is very easy to become a blender expert because this software is completely free and has a very clear interface for modeling beginners. With Blender you can:

-You can make awesome 3D printed things.

-You can create assets for every video games.

-You can create 3D models for many NFT platforms on Ethereum and other cryptocurrency chains.

- And the most important thing:

You will gain 3D modeling practice, which forms the basis of METAVERSE technology, which is the technology of the future.

-You can earn money by creating eye-catching models to sell in 3D model markets.

-You can design your fav character, environments, builds or etc...

-As a freelancer, you can get involved in modeling projects around the world and earn thousands of dollars.

-and unbelievably but so much more you can learn this program with me. At the end of the course, you will receive your certificate of completion with the assurance of Udemy!

Complete and Ultimate Blender 3D Low poly environments creating.

Blender 3D: Let's Model an Easy 3D Magic village with Blender 2.93. In this course, which I published on the giant education platform Udemy, we will learn shortcut tips for modeling operations with you. I hope it will be a productive, understandable and enjoyable lesson for you. As we know, 3D modeling is both a hobby and a huge industry that provides a lot of income. Listen and apply complex points from me in simple and understandable ways. If you have any problems or have any questions, you can contact me. Rest assured that I will help you with all my effort and heart. In this course we will learn how to create METAVERSE assets with blender. Anyone with a basic level of knowledge (it is enough to install and open the free desktop program Blender 3D on their computer) can create 3D models thanks to this course. I hope you will find many tricks you need to reach your goal in my course, as I have experienced the process you are in right now as a student. In addition, I will help you with one-to-one feedback within 24 hours for any problems you may encounter. I believe that we will create a great community together for METAVERSE and NFT modeling, which is the technology of the future.

Learn Blender 3D modeling for use in 3D NFT projects, 3D Metaverse project, 3D Crypto arts, 3D collections, 3D printing,  animated movies, video games and more. Suitable for all levels!

YES! Learn Blender 3D modeling for use in 3D printing, animated movies, create NFT, designing METAVERSE assets,  video games and more.. with Expert CGI Artist Muhammed Kosek

I've used Blender 3D for many years and I know exactly what you need! After enrolling in the course, you will have unlimited consulting opportunities with me. and I will try to answer all your questions within 24 hours!

Yes I know it's amazing! With a one-time payment, you'll get unlimited access!

You will need a computer and the Blender 3D program for this lesson. The program is installed quite easily. This course is especially for my intermediate students who want to make realistic models with Blender 3D. In this course, I teach very useful shortcuts to students who use the Blender program and want to improve their skills.Together we will model a Magic Village and add color  material. While doing this, I will teach you easy shortcuts that make a difference by improving your skills.

Yes Now! We are Creating low poly 3D environments with Blender 3D !

3D characters or, in other words, "3d avatars" are powerful parts of the virtual colorful world of the future. We will hear terms such as CryptoArt, blockchain, metaverse, NFTs more often and louder in the future. With the expansion of the color palette of the NFT world, the sector is getting more and more valuable and attracts the attention of many giant companies. For this reason, the need for Expert Crypto Artist, NFT designers, 3D modeling experts is increasing day by day on a global scale.

So what does metaverse mean? What is the connection between 3D NFT and Metaverse technologies?

NFTs are mostly virtual works of art; consists of music, painting, digital arts, 3D models. It's pretty easy to diversify. 3D modeling has an extremely critical role at the core of these new technologies. With 3D modeling, you can design NFTs, create Metaverse characters, create 3D Assests for virtual plots you buy on Metaverse platforms, and color your own world. Models that you will display exclusively as your own design offer you a technological and cutting-edge opportunity to create virtual value. You can set up your own team with 3D models and NFT and Metaverse characters that you will create with my 3D metaverse and NFT collections design courses. Just focus! A team of software developers and 3D designers can build a 3D metaverse. For this original metaverse, you can create your own NFT exhibit by designing 3D NFTs! The only thing you need for all this; It's a strong start.

The word metaverse is very popular today, when the blockchain technology, which started to develop a long time ago, is at its peak. To simplify this concept, which many of us have heard for the first time; we can call it multiple virtual universes.

The fact that Metaverse technology brings together institutions and individuals in an online environment modeled and created in 3D represents a bit of teleportation technology. Because this innovation will renew the definition of sociability as everyone is included in the universe by choosing their own unique avatars.

As we all know, many Mega companies are investing heavily to develop VR glasses. Although it is still not widely used in many countries, this technology will shape the future. Because touch phones, which are owned by almost everyone nowadays, were not a technology that everyone could reach once.

In summary, what do you need for this course;

-An ordinary computer.

-And the Blender 3D program installed on your computer (you can download it for free from the Blender official site.)

This course will guide you through:

-3D Modeling

-3D Design

-3D Texturing

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